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I attended a so called 'Arbonne make-up party' this afternoon, in the hope of supporting my daughter who has been interested in joining a party plan system. I've been to and hosted many party-plan products over the years; Tupperware, Mary Kaye, nutrimetics, the list goes on, always a bit of fun and generally great products... NEVER have I witnessed something like this. Very little demonstration... Read more

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Arbonne came into my life when I needed an opportunity to supplement my career. I also happened to begin a new approach to my lifestyle - spending, eating, sleeping, products I use. It made a lot of sense for me to join. I was scared at first because of all of the negative reviews that I read online. I was inspired at first because of all the positive success I saw first hand, in person. I am a... Read more

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My review is based solely on the facts of my up line. She tried over and over to get me to one of the fake mini facial parties for months!! She was sweet, bought me lunches, pretended to be my friend. I became a district manager and this is where it gets bad. Suddenly my business is not making any money or sales and suddenly she is not texting, returning messages. I get it she found her ACE I'm... Read more

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I returned $400 worth of products as they brought me out in a rash and after 8 weeks, numerous emails and hanging on the phone for hours. Knocking on my reps door, I still don't have my guaranteed refund! So annoyed. Whatever you do, don't get sucked in with this company! Add comment

Cold hard cash driven idiots who play on the weak and destroy friendships all for the sake of money. This company and other pyramid companies are a symbol of what is wrong with our society. Your products are worthless and when we say no we are not interested, we get insulted. You have trained your 'minions' to gain sales by zeroing in on peoples' insecurities, making the feel bullied into... Read more

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My pet hate is lipstick winders that break and you need to use a cotten bud to use the remaining content. Sorry Arbonne you have lost my vote - faulty casing when there is 95% of product left is a no brainer, no questions instant replacement. As a preferred client we are often encouraged to buy more to save money (have products in reserve). Pity I didn't open this product earlier... I think I'll... Read more

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OMG!! Bought Arbonne my product from Cathy Lundgren with great conviction after using it for 5 days... I ordered a supply I thought I could afford... I was then convinced into a meeting at a local Pandora bread at 3:00 pm. ... I start work at 6:00am. Up at 4:30. I am beat by 3:00pm... she was late 3:45... She ordered tea, sipped it and babbled about a vast variety of things she has... Read more

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Thanks for posting this information. I wish I had read your post and others similar to your post before starting with Arbonne as my experience was not as glitzy as it is made out to be. Before I share my experience I certainly agree with others who have posted in that some people are very successful from this business. When I sold Arbonne I met people first hand who were doing very well,... Read more

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I bought the mineral powder foundation which is so light and beautiful, very happy with it. I also purchased a set of 4 cream eye shadows which I believe is a limited edition set. It contains a purple which, no matter which brand I try I usually have an allergic reaction to an ingredient in this colour. I am happy to report that I had no reaction to this brand and will continue to buy it. I also... Read more

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This is the most expensive scam of a company. The woman ( a Pastor's wife sold a product and lied to my mom about being able to return the eye gel if not satisfied) Renea Gibson is her name. We were unhappy and she refused to return her money. My mom paid for shipping also and the product was never shipped to her house. She dropped it at my house. Also called the rep from this dispicable company... Read more

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