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You'd better think long and hard before ordering with Arbonne otherwise you are in for a nice treat when it comes to exchanges and refunds. I called on numerous occasions regarding my return minimum wait time was 45 minutes. Its been 6 weeks and I still have no refund, no update. The last time I called, the rep said she would look into it and email me regarding the status, and I changed my credit card, so I gave her the updated information. I... Read more

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This is a consultant which just signed up. After I signed up my sponsor is trying to avoid me by saying "I am busy " or "I have a launch that day." She is not willing to go with me to my parties that I launch. Please let me know if we can change our sponsor. I don't want her to be my sponsor because I'm not getting any help from the SPONSOR. Please get back to me ASAP. My email address is or call me at 571-484-0476.... Read more

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Spoke to representative. Very firm on products being vegan and no testing on animals, or third parties. To find out her self is not a vegan Would not buy products from someone that eating animals talk the talk but you don't walk the walk.

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I returned three unopened products to Arbonne: RE9 Advanced Restorative Day Cream. RE9 Advance Night Repair Cream and RE9 Advanced Lifting and Contouring Eye Cream. I had not received a credit for my return so I contacted customer service. The customer service wait time is horrible. It took 36 minutes before I was able to speak with a customer service representative. This is unacceptable. Then the customer service representative informed me it... Read more

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I had ordered a quantity of 7 Mineral Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF lip balms in November 2015. The quality of this product was horrible. The expiration date on all lip balms was April 2016. When I realized this and tried to return them for a credit, customer service REFUSED as it was past the required allotted time for a credit. This is totally unacceptable! The product was defective and I was out over $80. I will never do business with this... Read more

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Right now, I am on hold with Arbonne having called the 800 number- it's already been fifteen minutes and I have had this happen before and finally hung up after a long wait. I also find the website difficult to maneuver through. I cannot get the info I want and spend a lot of time trying to manage it. You'd think they would hire more customer service assistants so this does not occur. and you'd think they would try to make their website... Read more

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I love both products but with RE9 being double the price for not as much fluid oz.(on some products) as FC5 - is this product really worth the price?. What is in it that I must have? In an effort not to break the bank - Because FC5 has more fluid oz in their product, it last longer - it insane to think I spent $200 on face product that didn't even last me two months. I think I will have to go with FC5 unless you can convince me its worth the... Read more

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A company full of women going under the knife and using Botox to keep young and they promote Arbonne anti-aging creams. Worked for this company, left because I felt it was unethical to lie to customers. Not sure how these consultants sleep with a conscious!

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This is terrible and just goes to show the extent to which it can take over your life. I joined in October 2015 and started off really well. Not really knowing what it was all about. I was and still am, lead to believe I can fit it around my busy life. I have three children who are my world and I am in a very privileged position of not having to work. I get to spend time with my family and take care of them. As for fitting it in to my life, I... Read more

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We hosted a party with about 20 girls and we all purchased products (so well over 100's of dollars) and we were all double charged. The rep for Arbonne has kept us updated regarding the refunds. Arbonne has requested copies of all our bank statements which we have provided and after 3 weeks we are still waiting. No answers, no refund nothing. No matter how good the products are I will NEVER purchase from them again. I have been on the phone... Read more

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