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This is terrible and just goes to show the extent to which it can take over your life. I joined in October 2015 and started off really well. Not really knowing what it was all about. I was and still am, lead to believe I can fit it around my busy life. I have three children who are my world and I am in a very privileged position of not having to work. I get to spend time with my family and take care of them. As for fitting it in to my life, I... Read more

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We hosted a party with about 20 girls and we all purchased products (so well over 100's of dollars) and we were all double charged. The rep for Arbonne has kept us updated regarding the refunds. Arbonne has requested copies of all our bank statements which we have provided and after 3 weeks we are still waiting. No answers, no refund nothing. No matter how good the products are I will NEVER purchase from them again. I have been on the phone... Read more

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Arbonne Suncreen is the absolute worst. As someone who had a stage 2 melanoma removed from my back last year, I try to be very careful to say the least. Used this sunscreen and, because it's a lotion and the bottle doesn't say otherwise - rubbed it completely into my skin. After 3 generous applications in 3 hours on my first day of vacation, the end result was serious burn on my entire body and blisters on my forehead. I sent photos to my... Read more

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I recently place and order order on 4/22 that I never received. I contacted an Arbonne service representative on 5/7 and again on 5/9. A tracer was placed on the order. I was told I had to wait another 7-14 days for the tracer to be resolved before Arbonne could refund my money or replace the order. I never heard of such a thing. Any company who cared about there customers satisfaction would have immediately mailed out a replacement order. Not... Read more

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My name is Pam Cressy-Hall, I signed up under Nigel Gordon-Stewart who is under Yvonne Baum. Yvonne Baum paid for my initial order and joining fee. I transferred the money to her bank account 2 days later. I then had doubts whether I had the time to do the business justice and decided I didn't. I then sent the goods back and Yvonne Baum received the credit to her card on the 20th April. She will not pay me back and has now passed the... Read more

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I have nothing but problems with Arbonne.'i have placed numerous phone calls resulting in the return of a large order which was unopened. Another phone call- was told I had to wait 7 weeks to be reimbursed. I am annoyed with the amount of time. I have spoken with my bank and they are watching my account. Add comment

I signed as consultant and i never follow trough. I ask the company Arebonne more than 5 times to take me off from their list because i was not interested to be a consultant. After a year of attempting and begging them to remove me. They have not removed me and worst!! i get usually 19 e mails a day in Spanish. I HATE THIS COMPANY. I reported them to the BBB and the company never responded to their claim. Read more

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Please, Please, Please!!! Think about what you are doing before you become a consultant. When people suggest that because 'you are a hard worker this can work for you' 'you are so approachable this can work for you' '10 hours a week is all you need' 'if you don't have the money put it on your credit card' 'teach your children anything is possible' I thought I knew better than to be pressured into believing everything that comes out of a persons... Read more

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Will never be purchasing Arbonne again! I have never had amazing skin but it has never been awful either. I got my skin to a really clear point for several months and was looking like I could potentially have really nice skin. I went to an Arbonne party (thinking it was beneficial to the skin) last month. First I tried the cleanser and after washing it off my face was bright red! then used the mask- the same thing happened but this time it... Read more

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We had some friends invite us to an Arbonne party after they supplied us with several samples. We have various shampoo, skin cleaner and shaving products, all of which failed to justify the high cost per item compared to buying from your local store with name-brand products. They continued to talk about their Mercedes cars and all of the money they were making each month, blah, blah. When I asked for bank statements to show me the funds, how... Read more

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