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I have nothing but problems with Arbonne.'i have placed numerous phone calls resulting in the return of a large order which was unopened. Another phone call- was told I had to wait 7 weeks to be reimbursed. I am annoyed with the amount of time. I have spoken with my bank and they are watching my account. Add comment

I signed as consultant and i never follow trough. I ask the company Arebonne more than 5 times to take me off from their list because i was not interested to be a consultant. After a year of attempting and begging them to remove me. They have not removed me and worst!! i get usually 19 e mails a day in Spanish. I HATE THIS COMPANY. I reported them to the BBB and the company never responded to their claim. Read more

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Please, Please, Please!!! Think about what you are doing before you become a consultant. When people suggest that because 'you are a hard worker this can work for you' 'you are so approachable this can work for you' '10 hours a week is all you need' 'if you don't have the money put it on your credit card' 'teach your children anything is possible' I thought I knew better than to be pressured into believing everything that comes out of a persons mouth. I guess I really wanted to. A "business launch" turned out to be a recruitment party where,... Read more

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Will never be purchasing Arbonne again! I have never had amazing skin but it has never been awful either. I got my skin to a really clear point for several months and was looking like I could potentially have really nice skin. I went to an Arbonne party (thinking it was beneficial to the skin) last month. First I tried the cleanser and after washing it off my face was bright red! then used the mask- the same thing happened but this time it really burned. Please note that this never happens to my skin when cleansing or using a mask. The redness... Read more

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We had some friends invite us to an Arbonne party after they supplied us with several samples. We have various shampoo, skin cleaner and shaving products, all of which failed to justify the high cost per item compared to buying from your local store with name-brand products. They continued to talk about their Mercedes cars and all of the money they were making each month, blah, blah. When I asked for bank statements to show me the funds, how were they making so much, etc. they quickly changed the tune. They talked so much about the income,... Read more

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Went to a 'make up party' simply to support a friend. I needed a lipstick anyhow. Sat through 2 1/2 hours listening to my friends Up-line to finally be told my lipstick would be AUD $41 plus $7 postage. Or I could sign up and get 35% off. Wasnt interested anymore. Add comment

Having known someone who has recently turned into an ArboBot and has burned bridges and even tried to *** my mother into buying her expensive products I wanted to point out that the tactics I have witnessed and the reports absolutely reflect the telltale signs of a pyramid scheme. If you like sales jobs, find one where you aren't conning friends and family into being a 'downline' or whatever its called. Cults are bad mmkay. Pyramid Scheme as defined by Wikipedia: Companies that use MLM models for compensation have been a frequent subject of... Read more

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Worst costumer service ever!!! Waiting on hold for over a hour, called back and on hold for another hour. Finally got ahold of someone and she was rude. I bought the anti aging kit, $250. It made me break out so back and my face was red and raw. Sent it back. They charged me $20 for shipping it back and another $20 since I bought it and got a discount at the time. My total when checking out was $293, I got refunded $245? Seriously? Such a scam!!!! I feel robbed Read more

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I am glad to read this as I recently became a consultant. A lot of the reviews on here are rants and raves that really have nothing to do with Arbonne, but instead the people they dealt with. Also sometime you have no one left to blame and it's easier to blame "them man." As you stated not everyone will have a great up-line, and those consultants who feel as though something was taken from them should have thought about who their "boss" would be before they signed up. My up-line is great, she asks me everyday if I have questions, is willing to... Read more

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OK, some of you people on here cannot be serious. Nobody is forcing you to buy Arbonne or to join in on the business opportunity. Arbonne is an INDEPENDENT business.. yes you make friends and meet people along the way who love to help you, but at the end of the day you could do this business completely on your own if that is what you choose to do. To all these people complaining about the representative at the Arbonne party they attended: I'm sorry. I'm sorry that you cannot realize for yourself that there are different kinds of people in... Read more

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