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Garbage and the consultant did not know what she was talking about,her skin looked oily and greasy.better products out there don't waste your money!!!

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I have been hounded by a once gorgeous friend who has been sucked in by the scientology-like cult known as Arbonne... It's a good product.. but so are so many on the market today. I am sick of the constant references to the newest product every time I want to make contact with my friend. I care about her, not the product she flogs so blatantly. I am happy with my QV cleaner and rosehip oil thanks! My genes will take care of the rest! I... Read more

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Very disappointed that thier prices are increasing. I finally found a foundation that works for me. The price was already a lot for me, but with the increased prices I will no longer be able to afford thier products and will have to find another brand.

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I bought facial and hair care products and I spent $200 AUD with your products, which I don't mind because if the products is good is worthy. And I decided to buy to help a friend and because a like natural products. I am very disappointed because they don't work. The shampoo and conditioner was a completely disaster, my hair was so fizzy and strange. Facial pads did not work, my skin had no changed Facial oil did not work and blocked my skin... Read more

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You are not in Arbonne and never received a paycheck from Arbonne!! You are a person with an employee mentality that will never be a business owner!! You live in scarcity and not in abundance! You will never enjoy what Arbonne offers millions of consultants It's ok!! The world needs a lot of your type!! Not everybody is an entrepreneur Not everybody is meant for greatness! You didn't get the concept of helping others to succeed in order to... Read more

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I sorta ran into this site, AND realized 1 thing about ALL THOSE PUSHY SALESPEOPLE,, They seemed to have read and lived by the book THE ART OF THE SCREW So sorry to all those poor people that are guinea pigs that are used as homework for this book! I know money is tight for most people, Ladies AND Gents JUST keep talking, writing and calling out this company!! YOU MAY SAVE A FEW POCKETBOOKS AND WALLETS!!! JUST KEEP BUYING SAMMPLES, NO ONE CAN... Read more

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I am seeing one or two bad reviews on Arbonne and their products... I've got to say.. I'm afraid many of you who have had bad experienced with MLMs may have not approached it with the right mind sight. Or you just didn't ask the right questions in the beginning. Being introduced to Arbonne, I was immediately asked to partake as a consultant in the business due to my open personality. Living in Utah (the MLM capital of the country), I knew I... Read more

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Is there a class action lawsuit to get involved in against Arbonne? This product ruined my flawless skin. It's been over a year now and 2 weeks after experimenting with the product, I learned what the term cystic acne meant for the first time in my life. Deep, painful, red pimples on my chin have since been replaced with scars and clusters of small pimples that form in those same areas. Luckily the other pimples that were forming all over my... Read more

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If you are prepared to lose friendships and loyal contacts that you've spent the better part of you life building up, then Arbonne is for you! I was pressured by a couple of friends, family through marriage in fact, and declined, as to me if was just another Amway scam. After a year or so, and seeing their apparent success, which they subtly dropped as every family function, I decided it was an opportunity I needed to explore.... "Opportunity"... Read more

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Non existent customer service ! 5 months ago I ordered their genius Ultra and prepaid for a September delivery. 3 months ago I canceled. I'm still waiting for my refund. I have seen neither the refund or the product. I can't even reach the company on the phone. so far all I've had are excuses by e-mail. no product no return money! I don't want their product I want a refund. The company says they need my credit card again, even though the email... Read more

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