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Hello, I am currently a stay at home mum who has recently been approached by a fellow S.A.H mum regarding my interest in becoming an independant consultant for Arbonne. She has recently signed up as one herself & knows I have no desire to return to my previous position -(hospitality/head chef). She has shown me a presentation from her 'upline?' & left me with a sample & information bag which I have used the samples & read all the information... Read more

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I started placing order with Arbonne online and at some point dropped it and bought product I needed at Amazone. As the first step system required to set up a crazy password (no bank asked anything like that) with some low and upper case letters, idiotic symbols etc. Probably some security maniac is working there. Then I found out that number of items jumped from 3 to 5, after multiple attempts I figure out that if I put zero as number of items... Read more

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I had ordered some products on sale. They did not send them or contact me. A few weeks later, I ordered again, still....nothing. I finally make some calls and they tell me a manager will call back. A few days later, nothing. Then, I contact my up line and she calls, soon after I receive a call, I was told three different stories such as "They don't know why, it wasn't in stock at the time and I don't have a viable address." (I have already spent... Read more

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After much deliberation I decided to become one of Arbonne representatives. But as soon as I signed I realised that there are all these additional costs that nobody tells you upfront. You have to spend at least £150 each month to maintain the status of a consultant. And you have to pay for deliviries. You only find out when you join. So I decided to cancel straightaway. I was promised my money back within 28 days. This was six weeks ago. Nobody... Read more

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Lost £645 Worthless Expensive Non refundable Pushing consultant to sell Liar

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I was a consultant for a short time and received several of the RE9 Advanced Sample packs in my starter kit. You will note the fl oz weight on each of these sample tubes is .1 fl oz/3 ml. When my personal bottle of RE9 Corrective Eye Cream seemed to be used up sooner than the rest of my RE9 set, I decided to "cannibalize" some of the product in my sample sets to refill my original bottle. The weight listed on my original RE9 Corrective Eye... Read more

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Yes I agree and totally understand you, there are lots of people out there that are very pushy and inexperienced, something that I think we all have done that at some stage at the beginning of our journey with our businesses. There are good and bad consultants or representatives of the company but that does not mean that the product, company or business opportunity is bad. I am standing up for Arbonne because I love the whole system, the... Read more

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Honestly one of the best skin care lines I've ever used!! I have a TON of allergies And this line has been the only one that I didn't have a reaction to! Also my 4 year old has really bad eczema and the ABC line has made it non existent! The primer and makeup combo has given me the perfect finish and I get compliments EVERYWHERE I go that my skin and makeup is amazing!! I have had times where I have gotten the wrong color or an eyeshadow is... Read more

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Got tricked into the scheme. My family and bf had to give me a wake up call the day after. I tried getting a refund and they kept saying to give it a try and to hold off the refund. The stuff arrived and the only thing I liked was the lipstick and I'm a makeup artist. But that wasn't enough love to prevent me from getting that refund. They still wouldn't give me one... And I was so pissed. They kept pushing me to try to sell it. How can I... Read more

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My sister introduced Arbonne to me. She sent me a sample and said, try it. I got it and threw it down, using my other skincare products. I decided to give it a whirl. I instantly loved the smell, it wasn't sticky. I loved the way my skin felt. I bought the skin care kit and for me my skin has improved 80% in less than 2 weeks. She recommended the Digestive Plus, I did that also. The redness is nearly gone, the darkness under my eyes are... Read more

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