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I have a question if anyone can answer it.

I tried a hand lotion from Arbonne and was told that it was "all natural." However, after I tried it my hands broke out in a rash. The lady said that was wierd since it was "all natural". Here is my theory, if it is "all natural" wouldn't it have some ingredients from plants, etc. that someone could be allergic too?

I have not tried Arbonne since because I was afraid of the reaction to it. I have no complaints against it, but if someone could tell me if anyone else has had similar reactions to this product let me know. Thank you.

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I tried it for the first time last night. My whole face was instantly red and painful but I went to bed like that thinking it was just the effects of the microdermabrasion product.

This morning I was swollen, red, bumpy, eyes hurt and severe headache. I Went to doctor and was diagnosed with contact dermatitis and have to be on prednisone. I am allergic to certain fruits like mangoes, pineapple, kiwi and strawberries.

I'm also sensitive to tomatoes and too much lemon. I think maybe some of the acids in the product may be derived from fruits like this.


I went to an Arbonne party 6 days ago and had a reaction immediately after using the under eye cream. My face was red for 3 days and is still dry and scaly under my eyes.

My right eye hasn’t stopped watering since and it’s extremely excessive. I have to carry tissues around because tears run down my face.

The eye doctor said it’s contact dermatitis and has me on an antihistamine. Please be aware when testing these products

to Anonymous2 #1492375

I had severe eye irritation after using the Re 9 products. I had to go to an opthomologist several times and was on eye drops for a couple of months.


I used one of their lipsticks & a lip gloss & my mouth the next day was hugely swollen & blistered. I've worn full make up,from many different brands,every day for over 40 years & never before had an allergic reaction.

It lasted over a week & had to take anti histamine & use a steroid cream in all that time (as advised by a pharmacist) before my lips went back to normal.I'm currently trying to get a refund but it's like getting blood out of a stone."All natural" doesn't mean you can't be allergic to it & they don't list the ingredients on their products ( unlike reputable companies!) so I have no way of knowing what I reacted to. Would never buy again fromthem!

Brooklyn, New York, United States #1344928

SAME REACTION but unfortunately it is on my FACE. Used some lotion samples and now I have flaky, terribly dry, painful contact dermatitis around my mouth and nose.

It looks terrible and cannot be fixed with anything. Glad I didn't purchase. This garbage is not all natural and the fact people keep touting that is an embarrassment.

I have not changed my usual routine at all (diet or skincare) so I am certain that the Arbonne is the cause. So horribly disappointed.

to Louise Ontario, Canada #1345667

Not sure who keeps telling you it is "all natural" but Arbonne products use a combination of the best of plants along with safe science. Even if something is "all natural" you can still be allergic to is.

I am allergic to certain plants and things in nature. "All natural" is not always a good thing.


I bought the full RE9 system and have used it faithfully about 6 days. I woke up yesterday morning with puffy face and red raised rash.

I stopped using the Arbonne. Woke up this morning with very puffy swollen face, eyes nose and red raised rash.

Went to urgent care and was given script for Medrol Pack(prednisone).

Needless to say, I am returning the products. Such a shame, I was hoping it would work.

to Anonymous #1544155

Anonymous ... I tell all my clients that your body may transition from toxic to non-toxic because with products that we can buy at our local pharmacy store, we have been sealing in all kinds of toxins and with mineral oil used as a main ingredient, a by-product of the distillation of gasoline, our entire lives, there is some transitioning that needs to happen.

With Arbonne, a botanically based company and they text to ZERO toxicity. So I suggest to allow for your body to release the toxins for a period of approximately 2 weeks and you'll start seeing a difference.

All my clients that reacted and stuck with it, have not only seen amazing results, but since they allowed for their faces to transition, they are healthier for it! Any questions please let me know.


Thank goodness it's not just me. I done the facial spa party with the re9 and being assured it was all natural (not botanical) I noticed some tingling but fully warned the rep i'd very sensitive skin.

She made sure I avoided the scrubs, etc and as I liked the overall feel I wanted the calm range only to be told that was for teenage girls and re9 was my way to go because I'm 30. 3 days after getting my products my face is on fire, I've small bumps all over my cheeks and around my mouth, my nose feels raw..... When I informed the rep I'm very allergic she told me to keep using it and asked if I patted my face dry when using the cleanser- seriously?! You're suggesting I keep using this?!

Horrified about the response and how they've never had anyone react to it before.... Clearly this isn't the case

to Anonymous #1555020

I had the same reaction using Calming range.. face felt hot & had rough parches & lumps all over..

like turned into crocodile skin.. Was told by Arbonna consultant to give it 45 dats for whole skin cycle to rub its pace & you will find difference. The only difference i found was that no one could find my flipping face uder all the crazy rashes from using this junk.

I went back to using my previous skin care regime & all went CALM & back to normal. Returning whole pack ASAP


I have had an acute allergic reaction to Arbonne Foundation and following multiple visits to my doctor have now been referred to a dermatologist. Face and forehead are very inflamed with patches of flaking skin.

Tightness around both eyes and one eye had swelling.

I'm 45 years old and have always used well known brands and have never until now (after switching to Arbonne to support a friend in her new business venture) had any skin allergies. It's not for me due to very bad experience.

Dallas, Texas, United States #996028

I broke out in a horrible rash from their deodorant

Spencerport, New York, United States #908192

I have been using RE9 since July. Shortly after, my eyes began to water...ALL THE TIME!

I attributed it to allergies. Never did I think it was Arbonne, being that it's all natural. After 5 months of watery eyes that were getting worse, I decided to elimanate things I was using in order to pinpoint the problem. When I completely stopped all arbonne products, my eyes stopped watering.

I thought it was worth sharing, as it took me 5 months to realize it was my facial cleansers/moisturizers that was causing the problem.

My skin looks better now that I have stopped. I am using Aveeno products and have no problems!

to Susan Toronto, Ontario, Canada #939088

AVEDA has legit real products! Arbonne is a sham.

to Bob #1395961

The formulator who created Aveda for Estée Lauder was originally dr peter Matravers. He is the chief formulator of Arbonne, so it's a little strange for you to call two products by the same formulator "legitimisation" and a "sham". I tend to prefer fact to opinion ended up here by accident...time to leave this thread methinks.

to Susan #991029

My eyes water *** amounts since using re9 and the makeup, not a good look when training as a beautician...

to Susan #1438024

I am having the same problem so I am stopping all of mine today

Houston, Texas, United States #890151

I have had a recent allergic contact dermatitis as a result of trying the RE9 line. I was using everything as directed, and even noticing some improvement in blemishes healing up and a better radiance.

Around the 4th day I woke up with swollen and itchy eyelids. I figured this was my allergies acting up, however throughout the day, I slowly developed an intensely itchy rash that spread over my face for 2 days. Being concerned this was a progressing allergic reaction, I went to my Dr. Dr.

gave me steroid pack and hydrocortisone cream, and by the first night, the itching was no longer terrible and the redness had calmed down. He told me this was something I put on my face, and the only change to my routine was I started the RE9. I have had a similar but way less reaction to another anti-aging product marketed with vitC. I'm assuming my case was either from citrus oils, which both products contain.

Not all products are for everyone, as we are all different and have different needs. If you are experiencing an allergic reaction to these products, try hydrocortisone cream (avoid eyes) and wait it out 3 days while taking an allergy med (I took allegra in am and 50mg benedryl at pm).

It takes a few days for this stuff to clear your skin. Obviously if you are wheezing or develop other symptoms, seek care immediately.

Santa Rita, Santa Rita, Guam #838774

Someone mentioned to use one product at a time but the night cream is to be used after the serum (2 products). I was given the 7 day trial and I noticed after the first application my face was a little red but wasn't bad, a day later I used the face cleanser, eye cream and night cream.

Woke up to a swollen forehead and red rough spot cheeks. they appear to be peeling. I have been using mary kay and this never happened.

Even if I used it wrong, should not cause this to my skin. I will not use this again!

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #819959

Thanks for the comments; I've been using the Arbonne line for three days and I started having allergic reactions similar to those I have when I get in contact with household chemicals, chlorine or pesticides. Wasn't sure if it was the port I drank the other night or the Arbonne...

Too bad.

Not knowing anything about the content of the products, I can't say for sure what's in them... but I know my reactions too well not to pay this attention.

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