My roommate started selling Arbonne products. I ended up at one of the parties and ordered a couple things to support the home team.

She had told me that the products generally run around $30 and so I was surprised when the receipt said this Genius thing I ordered was $90. Whatever, miscommunication maybe, but kind of weird that there was no heads up about how expensive the product was. She told me the genius product worked on keloids, and I have a small one in my ear from having an allergy to nickel; I've had it for 8 years, completely stopped wearing earrings 6 years ago, and have been to the dermatologist several times for cortizone shots.

Anyways, I used the Genius pads on my ear, and the next day, it was really red and irritated. I didn't use it after that, but the day after, my ear became swollen and started bleeding.

Wtf? I'm attaching a picture. My friend who's a doctor said it was infected and I had to go to a doctor. But, before I went to a doctor I wanted to know what was in this mystery product.

Surprisingly, there's little information about what the active ingredients are, probably because Arbonne products are not FDA regulated so they aren't legally required to list them or percentages.

I asked my roommate about returning it, and she said my ear must have been open already so no return. I'm 100% sure it wasn't.

Monetary Loss: $90.

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Some friend. I'd dump them. With friends like that who needs enemy's?

Mountain View, California, United States #912630

It sounds like you were not given good information from your consultant on several levels. There is a 45 day money back guarantee.

Period. No matter what reason. If the consultant isn't willing to give one, contact the company and give them tge consultant info.

We are not physicians and cannot prescribe our products like medication. There are benefits from Arbonne products and sometimes certain conditions are helped by a specific item.

Maybe there was a sensitivity to an ingredient. You can find an EXTENSIVE list of every ingredient in each product on the Arbonne website. The total transparency of what is put into their products is one of the reasons I use them and became a consultant. Anyone saying they have had trouble finding ingredients or that Arbonne hides them is misinformed.

They state it all.

Unethical people who become consultants and are only out to make a quick buck regardless if they helped anyone is appalling and a total opposite of what this company is about. Helping others is a foundation of Arbonne.

On a side note, giving false information just to bolster your own sales is an unethical practice. When someone asks me about products from other companies I don't bash them.

I state how we are different and facts that I have researched from that companies site. I encourage the consumer to educate themselves on what products would be most beneficial to them.

I hope you get your refund. The way your consultant handled this is far from the way it should have been.

Barrington, Illinois, United States #868868

So sorry to learn about your experience. My comment to you was converted into a review which you can find under "Arbonne - Review from Barrington, Illinois", but I will try to recap for you a little of what I had posted in my comment.

First, you should have received a receipt WHEN you placed your order.

Then you would have known the price. Also, had you received the order form, you would have seen printed on the back of the form that you had 3 business days to cancel your order. It disappoints me to see Mimi below telling you that "it is your responsibility to know the price." Her crying little sad face that she posted really wasn't very nice either. Let's place the "blame" where it belongs, if answering your complaint requires "blaming": the consultant who sold you the product should have given you an order form!

Second, you have 45 days from the date of purchase to return any Arbonne product that you are not "completely satisfied with", less shipping and handling costs. If you had been given an order form, the return policy is stated on the back of the form.

Third, all ingredients for all Arbonne Products are printed on the boxes in which they come in. Your product should have come in a BOX that listed all of the product's ingredients. Also, the Independent Consultant whom you ordered from has access to the ingredients of all the Arbonne Products on the Consultants' website.

Was she willing to provide you with the ingredient list? Did she KNOW about her access to the ingredient lists for all of the Arbonne Products that she sells?

Fourth, did she advise you that care needs to be used when using retinoid products? Retinoids are very powerful. They can cause redness, scaling, irritation, even breakouts until your skin adjusts.

In the initial stages of use, retinoids should be used no more than 2-3 times per week, never on consecutive days, for about 2-4 weeks while the skin adjusts.

Fifth, you should wear a sunscreen when using retinoids because they increase skin sensitivity. Sixth, if you have allergies or conditions such as eczema, you should consult a doctor before using a retinoid, and you had mentioned that you may have an allergy to nickel. Did your consultant who sold you this product provide you with any sort of warnings concerning retinoids? Does she know any of the precautions that should be taken when using a retinoid product, and did she discuss these with you?

Seventh, I find "consultant's" comment below asking you "Why would you use this on your ear?" to be rather abrasive and condescending, and doesn't really address your problem at all, and so, concerning the problem you experienced, retinoids should not be used on sensitive, allergic or irritated skin unless you check with a doctor first. Did your roommate who sold you this product give you any such warnings? Did this roommate know about any of the problems you had been having with your ear? Arbonne consultants represent Arbonne, and they should know heir products and provide their clients with at least some rudimentary product knowledge for powerful agents such as the retinoids found in Genius.

At the very least, they should know the return policy! There is really no excuse for what happened to you. Now, how do I feel about Genius? It contains retinoids so you have to be careful with it, as stated above.

It is clinically proven outside of Arbonne, that is within the medical community, that retinoids improve skin texture reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Genius also contains skin conditioning emollients which give the skin a slippery smoothness that allows other products such as the serum to glide on more smoothly and evenly, thereby requiring less of them. You must use it slowly, as stated above, at the onset to give your skin time to adjust.

It's not for everyone, and I don't think it's for you since you indicated that you may have allergies, a skin sensitivity, and possibly a pre-existing condition, but you would have to check with your doctor about that. I'm very sorry that this happened to you, and I sure do hope your ear is feeling better!

to marielle #975748

Hi Marielle. I would like to speak to you privately.

Please find me on Facebook.

Tara Gauthier Montoya

San Clemente, Ca

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia #816367

Wow I am truly sad to hear of your difficulty with this product and am grateful for your review. I have been approached several times to join this company and sell it's products but due to the difficulty I had in trying to get accurate info on the full ingredients list I have respectfully declined.

I instead became a distributor for a company that has full disclosure and supplies anyone with a customer satisfaction money back guarantee. I enjoy using the products as I have severely sensitive skin and a few years back at a friends party I tried Arbonne and my skin had a terrible reaction to the product that lasted for a week.

How ever it's all good the company I am with are aloe vera based and my skin absolutely loves the products.

Your welcome to visit my website which you can find a link to on my G+ profile or One Stop Aloe Shop. I am running a blog on this site and am looking to add as much helpful valuable information as I can :)

to salflp65 Grand Island, Nebraska, United States #970675

I'm quite sure you would like people to visit your one stop aloe shop.

Makes sense to advertise on another's complaint thread.

Some people here don't have a clue. This web site is trash.

Findlay, Ohio, United States #775598

Why would you use genius on your ear? There is also plenty of info regarding ingredients that are available to you.

to ***sultant Barrington, Illinois, United States #868761

"Why would you use genius on your ear?" ??? What kind of response is that? Lovely...


I find this to be nonsense due to the fact that there is a 45 day return policy for one, and if you are buying something its your responsibility to know the price, and the ingredients are clearly on the box, and NO health or beauty product is regulated by the FDA. I could go on but I think you get it. :cry


Jay assumes that the roommate knew and/or understood the return policy. So, saying that the story is "bull" simply demonstrates just how closed minded you really are.

Omaha, Nebraska, United States #744549

Bull, they have a 45 day return policy.

to Jay Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada #815850

From the day it is ordered, not when you receive the product

to Tz Barrington, Illinois, United States #868900

How does his help the girl who had trouble with her ear, apparently didn't receive a receipt, doesn't appear to have received much helpful information concerning how to use an Arbonne product containing powerful agents such as retinoids, and was apparently denied her rightful refund from her ROOMMATE within the 45 day return policy (from the date of purchase, of course)...?

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