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Arbonne Suncreen is the absolute worst.As someone who had a stage 2 melanoma removed from my back last year, I try to be very careful to say the least.

Used this sunscreen and, because it's a lotion and the bottle doesn't say otherwise - rubbed it completely into my skin. After 3 generous applications in 3 hours on my first day of vacation, the end result was serious burn on my entire body and blisters on my forehead.

I sent photos to my Arbonne rep and was given what I thought to be a very condescending response: "our product is zinc based so you can't rub it into your skin all the way." NOWHERE is that on the bottle, and it's my belief that it's intentionally omitted since no one would buy the product if we all had to walk around with a layer of white zinc all over our bodies at the beach in order for it it work.Extremely irresponsible and extremely disheartening.

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Garswood, England, United Kingdom #1185846

As i am a fair skin red head everyone may know we burn very easily and the Arbonne sunscreen is the only thing that will stop me from burning to a crisp.Due to your burns i can see in the photo you have uploaded, you need to apply more than 3 times in the day.

Also the "how to use" section for the product on the website does suggest that you do not sit in the sun for a prolonged amount of time. Just from looking at the picture i see that this is what happened. The product description also says that zinc oxide is used. The zinc isn't actually as visible as you think so you are not walking around with a white layer over the top of your skin.

It is not intentional that the ingredients are not put onto the bottle as the list is quite lengthy.All i can suggest is that next time you should research more into the products you put onto your skin before you apply them so you know what you are putting onto your skin and what is going into your body.


I had the same experience today, not only am I totally burned but I was vomiting from sun poisoning and dehydration because of my burn.DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT!!

It should be called sunburn cream not sunscreen.

I may as well have not been wearing sunscreen at all today.I probably would've had the same result.


for the record it does say an even white coat should be seen.

"Our sunscreens must be applied correctly for maximum benefits: Apply liberally and evenly to fully cover all exposed areas at least 15 minutes before going outdoors. Mineral sunscreen sits on top of skin to physically reflect rays — you should see a slight white cast after applying."

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