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I know someone who gives me arbonne samples every once in a while.I appreciate it, because I can't afford a lot of luxury like weird massage oils and digestive teas and strange unlabeled vitamin pills.

I appreciated it because it was a very sweet gesture, but I don't just use products that have zero information printed on them. I admit I like the male and female toners, because they smell really good, but the rest of those skin products aren't that great.

That's not really my issue, though.

I have arthritis and my husband is a skilled laborer and works his back out so we're both pretty sore pretty often.

My friend gave us some mysterious muscle relaxing lotion, it had a tingling feeling similar to Ben ***.... Except that the tingling feeling didn't go away. For days. I only used a tiny bit of it on my wrists but my husband used a generous amount all over his back.

It was incredibly painful for him so he washed it off immediately, but it continued to feel tingly and unpleasant for TWO WEEKS. we've never used another product after that. To this day - and this was a year and a half ago - that spot on his back does not quite feel "natural" he says, when he takes a hot shower or when it's below freezing outside. These products are all shady - and mysterious, and a waste of money.

I was lucky enough not to actually spend any money on these things, but it's just ridiculous how much reverence and respect arbonne has when it's just another money making scheme with haphazardly created products.So ***.

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Ingredients are listed on the box. If you purchased your product you would have receive the packaging containing product info. Your consultant can also provide you with any information you want regarding product.


They now have an ingredients page with all samples


Usually a representative will provide product details when you attend a presentation, which is usually a hosted event. That's the advantage of attending one. Products I purchase from them do list the ingredients, which are all natural, but if they were sample there may not have been any of that information on the package.

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