I used the self tanner by arbonne as directed.I had the worst reaction.

I've never had any bad reactions to self tanners from any other company. My eyes swelled. I had large red swollen areas. It was very painful.

I've never had a reaction to any other skin line ever. Would never suggest anyone use these products. I was sold a bunch of products by arbonne through a sales rep of the company. but nothing was great.

I felt like I was using a cheap product.I went back to using products that my skincare clinic suggests.


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You obviously applied it too closely around your eyes, which should never be done with any skincare product, Arbonne or not.It's unfortunate you don't like the products, but there are plenty of people who do.

That's why Arbonne has a 45-day money back guarantee on all of their products.Your local stores aren't going to let you return something you've used for a full refund.

Garswood, England, United Kingdom #1185858

As directed with the Arbonne self tanning lotion avoid application in the area of the eyes, lips, mucous membrane and hairline and by looking at the pictures you have uploaded i can see you have obviously applied it around your eyes. Look at products in more depth next time or ask your skincare clinic about the product before you use it.


Yep same experience.Every product I used did nothing for me.

Shampoos are "dry" and didn't like the baby products either.

Although I know a few women who love some of Arbonnes products.Fortunately they will refund your money even if you have used the product.


You've never had a bad reaction to anything but you have a skincare clinic? Why would you have a skincare clinic unless you already have problem skin.


You obviously had an alergic reaction, so what.Shiitt happens, so don't use it again.

But clearly the product is fine for a lot of people. Fkknng whiners man.

And the sheeple that agree with them and jump on the bandwagon claiming it's a bad product.Dipshiitts simply do not understand logic.


I absolutely love this product. It is the only self-tanner that I find looks natural.


I can't use the product either.It has too many chemicals in there.

Absolutely not natural. So I guess their motto pure-safe and beneficial is ***. Read the labels.

It's better to use the organic spray tans.They don't aggravate the skin like this brand

to Jessie South Lyon, Michigan, United States #952197


Arbonne does not have chemicals in their products.They are natural which means that people with allergies to different shrubs bushes etc.

outside, may have an allergy to any one or more of these products. A skin patch test is always recommended before applying products to the face. I suggest you practice what you preach and read the labels.I have used this product for two years now and not had a problem with it. If I did, I would simply use the 45 day return policy they have be quiet about it.

Try comparing the Arbonne label to the organic label.Let me know after that if you still think that Arbonne has chemicals in it and what those so called chemicals are.

to Jessie Savannah, Georgia, United States #1215243

Arbonne products were formulated in Switzerland, but manufactured in the US. Europe bans 1100 harmful chemicals in products, US only bans 11.

Camden, New Jersey, United States #866806

sorry to see this reaction.anytime using a new product, it is good to do a sample test somewhere especially when wanting to use on your face.

it looks as thought with the swelling and redness (those are general signs and reactions similar to allergy related). it is sad that you have now sworn off an entire company and product line but are also suggesting that others do as well. instead, as an educated consumer perhaps posting your reaction and recommending others test on smaller areas first, or elliminating or reducing any products possibly mixing together when trying something new on your face or that close to your eyes would be more useful than this review.

if you have other questions or would need a tip, reach out.others are here to help as you should want to help others too.

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