I have been purchasing Arbonne products for facial care for at least 4 years and recently Arbonne decided to change the bottles and inside the bottles is another bottle that is smaller than the outside bottle that you think you are purchasing.I purchased the day creme SPF20 and it has a pump and I usually pump twice to moisturize my face.

Well when it stopped pumping I broke it open only to fine the tube inside. Approximately four years ago it was easy just to unscrew the top, now the top is nailed in and very difficult to open.

The product is smaller and the price has increased.I think I will be changing back to another product.

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I just bought a shampoo from Arbonne.I have not tried it yet.

I plan to use it for two weeks to see if it makes any difference. What surprised me is that even though they have a lot of plant and fruit extracts in them, from what I have read about the other ingredients, the chemicals are no different than what I have in my Mary Kay. I have seen the results of Mary Kay's anti-aging products, eye creams, and skin cleansing products, and I trust the company. My mom switched from selling Avon to selling Mary Kay whenAvon began using aborted babies as the callogen in many of the skin care products.

This was many years ago, and she has not regretted it. She has sold Mary Kay off and on since I was a child. Last year I began selling. I love the fact that I can get product for my self at 50% off what I sell it for.

I can also have a sale and sell my product for up to 50 % if I want to. I also love the fact that the products are made to last a long time. I wash my face 2x's a day. I have only used two tubes of cleanser since last April.

if Mary Kay ever comes out with hair care products I will use those.Until then, as I said at the top, I plan to use the Arbonne shampoo I bought, see if it works, and if it doesn't I plan to return it.

to China #1095868

Mary Kay and Avon still test on animals. I'll never purchase from them!!


But BTA, PEG 100, Butylene Glycol are chemicals and they are in the baby line.

They are not natural. It is synthetics mixed with some botanicals.

There is an excellent organic skincare line made in Toronto and it is called Awaken my senses. There is absolutely no chemicals.

ARbonne is ok but overpriced for a preferred client. Even with the 35% you still have the pay Hst on the full amount even though you get 35%.

ARbonne is not organic. It is botanically based with a mix of Science(synthetic)


Arbonne has amazing products and the price really is a non-issue for me... I would prefer to buy a superior product that is not going to poison me with harsh and dangerous ingredients, plus I am a consultant and get 35% of the products so it's a no brainer for me. LOVE LOVE LOVE ARBONNE!!!


Hi there everyone. I know this post was earlier in the year, but I wanted to let you all know about a new company that I think you will love. It is called Votre Vu and we offer a professional grade product that is naturally based. Please come check out my e-Boutique to see what we offer. www.VotreVu.com/Bliss.

I have more than a few previous 'Arbonne Users' that have switched over to Votre Vu and are loving it.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions.



Beth.... You sure have a lot of nerve.


I would like to know why they changed so many product ines and why is the info not available to EWG bath and body care information. They also say they are 100% organic but is polyethelene glycol organic? hmmmm


I love the Arbonne line of products.I can see a great difference in my skin (all over my body) since I started using them.

I know they are pricey, but pay for what you get!!

Most other good products are about the same price.I am very pleased dith all aspects of this company.


Ok, so I went to my first Arbonne party and I will have to say that I was impressed, however, My first clue that this product was way over priced was when the rep says "if you spend $350, you get $350 worth of products free" Hello??? what is that like a 200 percent markup?? Well, at that point I knew that I was sitting in a room full of unintelligent ladies because almost everyone fell for it...thats when that light bulb came on and I thought "hey I'm gonna start selling this bottled gold!" I know you're all wondering if I bought anything and yes I did, I bought the most important thing that you need for your face...moisturizer, and if I'm not happy with it, it will go back!!


I love the Arbonne products, especially the eye creme.It is wonderful.

I will miss it as until they put in a jar so that you can use it all i will not purchase it any more.

To much waste for the money.:eek

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