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I hosted a party for Arbonne in my home...everyone LOVED the stuff so I TOO wanted to try it out.I used it all over my face, hands, feet etc at the party, I now, am broken out, HUGE pimples everywhere on my face and chest and it SUCKS.

I NEVER break out, ever. and the sales lady said OH NO WORRIES nobody is allergic to our stuff, ***. why am I broken out everywhere???

I just do not understand why it happened, two other grls at my show who used it also broke out and are having the same pimple problem.never using this *** again

Monetary Loss: $100.

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May actually be a detox effect if it's as natural as they say it will have a tendency to draw toxins from the skin

Look at what you are eating it may actually be the real issue.

Any thing that causes a detox can cause break outs.

Be it healthy eating or healthy skin products.

Most skin products are full of pore clogging chemicals when your skin can finally breath again toxins start to come to the surface.

Like when people quit smoking their lungs start to clear the black tar that has accumulated over the years and they cough up all sorts of nasty stuff. Or if you eat junk food for decades then decided to eat healthy you feel I'll because your body starts to mobilise decades of toxic Chemicals. Also just because a product is natural dosent mean you can't have a reaction depends on your body's personal intolerances.

to Anonymous #1344681

Stupidest thing I've ever heard. It's not "detox", Arbonne is ***. It's nothing but a pyramid scheme disguised as a "home based business."


Maybe the samples you tried at the party were contaminated!!I have been a guest at some Arbonne parties and am disgusted watching how make-up samples and other skin care products become contaminated as they are passed around for guests to use without proper sanitizing procedures!

Even though disposable applicators are provided, I see guests double-dipping mascara wands, lipstick applicators, sticking fingers into creams and contaminating them for the next user.

Guests are handling the products without washing their hands , sneezing and touching all of the stuff at spa parties and potentially spreading all types of infections to others.The reps either don’t know how to make sure these make-up and spa parties are done safely, or they don’t bother paying attention and making sure they monitor every application to make sure there is no cross-contamination.

People need to realize they can get staph infections, herpes, rashes, fungal infections and a whole bunch of other infections at these home parties!


I was given an Arbonne body wash and body scrub a few years ago for a gift.The scrub was ok, but it made my shower slippery.

My real issue was with the body wash...my skin broke out in a rash all over. Once I realized it was the body wash, I stopped using it and my rash went away.

I don't know what's in the body wash, but I've never broken out from bath and body items EVER before.I will not purchase Arbonne...I do not trust this brand for my personal use.


You broke out because your skin was detoxing.it was probably the first time you put healthy anti-oxidants on your skin. Next time run apple cider vinegar to soothe any burning and coconut oil to heal the bumps ;)


I am appalled. I am disgusted. I am frustrated.

My best friend wanted to get into the Arbonne business because she wanted something in her life to give her fulfillment. Something she thought God was leading her towards. Something she thought was going to be a positive in her life. Something that could give her success and fulfillment.

Before she went on-board she went to the training, met the women and researched Arbonne. Ultimately, after several weeks of considering, listening and praying, she decided this was her opportunity.

She was 100% enthusiastic and was 110% devoted. She aligned herself with a Regional Vice President in who initially took her under her wing for the first three weeks.... then soon to be found that words do not necessarily align with actions. A double edged sword was yielded. Two mouths opened and not one making any sense over the other and certainly not coming together in alignment.

This Regional Vice President is self-conscious and a control-freak. If you are a supposed 'big shot' and a 'mentor' and a 'Regional Vice President' and if you are growing your business relying on others to come into your team to make you successful.....then grow up, be mature, accept all personalities, accept all people, learn how to be a team leader, take some leadership courses, take some life courses, take some managerial courses, learn how to coach, learn how to be supportive. You are supposed to be an example.

Set the...

Don't talk out of both sides of your mouth. Talking about wanting to get involved as partners. Having my friend come in as a ‘training inspiration’. Building my friends confidence by telling her that you have not seen anyone as enthusiastic as her. Telling her she has a lot of potential and that you will help her build her up-line. Telling her you would help her build her business. Then, ultimately act differently than what you say, what you offer.

Here my friend is opening herself up to something new; new people, new opportunities, new hopes, new dreams, new possibilities. You bring her in, pump her up then turn around and say that you are intimidated by her. She makes you nervous with her watching you as her mentor. What?

My friend was so excited at that things this woman said, at the things this woman pumped into my friend and got her excited and got her to drive all over the area as a side kick attending these spa's all in one weekend in anticipation of getting prospects for her up-line. As promised by this woman.

My friend re-arranged her personal life and work life to come and be present, be supportive in hopes of getting these so-called recruits so that she too could be a part of the Arbonne dream. Then, when it came down to the actual spa's that weekend, instead of being a good leader, instead of being a good partner, instead of fulfilling her promises to support my friends up line - instead, instead, instead – instead of all of that..... this woman requested that my friend sit in the kitchen alone because this woman felt over-whelmed and stressed out by my friend’s presence. What? Who do you think you are?

Not only did you ask my friend to sit in the kitchen away from the group, but you didn't even introduce who she was or why she was there to the spa party. Everyone wondering why she's there? How awkward. Who do you think you are?

Oh we are not finished yet. So not only did you make my friend drive all over the area running on false promises, but when she got to these spas to support you and be a partner what did you do? You ask her to hide in the kitchen by herself while you worked your 'so-called magic'. You did not introduce her to anyone, you did not let her participate when the recruiting occurred to these so called 'up line recruits' and then when it came to scheduling time with these so called 'up line recruits' you were going to let her have not only did you not let her talk but you scheduled appointments and didn't even ask about my friends schedule! You simply scheduled appointments for recruiting that where supposedly for my friend and didn't even ask my friend to join the discussion or ask about availability of her schedule? Who do you think you are?

We're still not done. Then, at the very end of this exhausting, humiliating, self-deflating weekend ...after the very last spa you outright questioned my friends loyalty to the program.

You questioned her dedication. THAT my friend really means.... you: questioned her loyalty; you questioned her weeks of confirmation and prayer to even joining this ridiculous organization; you questioned her believe; you questioned her confidence; you questioned her goals; you question her perseverance.

You filled her with false promises that if she did this marathon-spa weekend that she could get the recruits and desperately needed get the extra business she needed to make a certain ‘quota’ for that month. Not only that, but you then you turn around and send her deflating notes like - ' Okay girl, time to get serious’…..’Ok girl, we need to get you going’….. ‘Ok girl,’……blah blah blah…… You know what, 'girl'. You listen up.

My friend has worked really hard and sells an average of $1000 per spa. I’d say that’s not too bad considering she’s only been doing this…..OH…JUST A FEW MONTHS.

You know what ‘girl’. My friend’s average sale per spa is more than your average in sales per spa and you ‘girl’ are a Regional Vice President.

You are intimidated by my friend because she’s good at this? You are intimidated because her average spa sale is more than yours? You are intimidated because she had a dream just like you did and is working hard at succeeding just like you did? You are intimidated because she brings a different kind of enthusiasm, involvement, professionalism and confidence to this program? What is it ‘girl’? You tell me?

What are you intimidated over? Why do you offer something only to turn around and take it away? Why do you not only take it away, but then you send conflicting messages like she’s not working hard enough?

You make promises and then your ridiculous, self-serving actions clearly state otherwise. Don't turn around 'girl' and give MY friend weekly notes telling her and making her feel she's not doing everything she possibly can to get her business going. She has busted her *** these last two months.

Who do you think you are?

How deflating. How humiliating. How unsupportive. How un-leadership like. How un-fellowship like. How un-motivational. How un-professional. How absurd.

Aren't you supposed to be building people up? Building their confidence? Building their trust? Building a business?

This is one *** of a lousy way to build a business.

I am writing this because I am fired up. I am mad. I’ve been listening and being supportive of my friend but people need to know what’s happening on the ground- level, in the trenches.

Everyone and every circumstance is different. But, think long and hard about my friend’s situation and if you like the way my friend was treated, then by all means join Arbonne.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada #619950

That's too bad, however the consultant who told you that "no one is allergic to our stuff" is an ***! Arbonne products are made from fruits, vegetables, plants etc...I know a lot of people who are allergic to certain types of fruits, vegetables and plants!! Sorry to hear that you are allergic to the products and hope you found something that works for you.


Just want to say whatever you are buying for your skin is sold by a company that wants to make money.....so the fact that you all think people who sell arbonne are in a cult and don't care about anything other than money is ridiculous....the difference with stores that sell products have lots of other costs involved so you are getting ***...which you brilliant people think are great!Makes me :grin when I read this...Arbonne actually was in an independent study and was voted number 1 against other MLM and also the leading department store brand.......do you honestly think those drug store/department store people are experts....The Arbonne consultant I dealt with did more research on my son than any dr.

or "expert" if you will....and as for experts...better do your research on that as well.....I did take my son to a Duke dermatologist and they put me on 4 medications for his allergies/skin issues....which lead to a skin disease...which are side effects from the medications that they put him on....which after researching the ingredients cause the issue to worsen.....and after skeptically trying Arbonne cleared him up...this was after a 3 year struggle going from dr to dr...and yes...these "***" products as you say cleared him up.....although I don't think it is for every single person out there....I am thankful that someone was nice enough to think of me and ask me to try it...no one forced me to...

Have any of you given water to multiple villages? How about just one village? Have any of you fed the hungry people in your city???????

Have any of you changed the world in a positive way what so ever??????????All of these things plus thousands more have been done by Arbonne consultants.

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to duh #618568

Are you a consultant, or a customer?

Arbonne consultants do many good things but for all of the good people there are many many more bad and greedy people.I Am so happy that Arbonne has helped you but it also hurts many families financially.

I believe that Arbonne is very much cult like. I'm sorry but just is. It takes a certain type of person to be successful in Arbonne andthequalitiesof the successful people I have seen have been bad.

I think I know of one good genuinly good person in this area.Anyways, this blog is for people who have complaints and its a really good place to vent valid concerns.

Thousand Oaks, California, United States #612270

ARBONNE is such a cult...it has synthetic chemicals...im sooo turned off by the pushy sales pitch it makes me want to run from them.I never met anyone so annoying..it is a horrible approach.

These ppl arent even skin therapist...they all just want to make $...so sad....if you care about good skin care go to your local skin therapist who sell Comseceutical skincare! It so sad that the public is so easily fooled!

Arbonne is a CULT.no dount

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