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I am the husband of an Arbonne Independent Consultant. She has only been in the business for a couple of months but she is off to a great start.

She has several smart, intelligent people already signed up under her because like my wife, they took the time to properly research and understand what Arbonne is. Arbonne is not a get rich quick scheme nor is it a "pyramid" which so many people are quick to say. If you work for a company and you have a boss, you are in a pyramid. Arbonne is your own business and you have to treat it as such.

It is not easy but it has one of the best compensation plans I have ever seen. Everyone has a different reason for doing Arbonne and they will put the effort in to that degree. Arbonne is not for everyone. If you have never owned a business you are going to have a big reality check.

Some people do it as a full time business, some just to make some extra money and use the great products, some to save for college, retirement, whatever.

Kay Napier is the CEO of Arbonne. Why? She could have gone to any major corporation in the world.

She choose Arbonne because their business model is excellent and Wall Street is now stressing that the next big wave of millionaires will be from network marketing. I know of no other business where you can have a partner in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and now Poland, all working and making money together.

My wife and her team have already sold thousands and thousands of dollars of product. One person decided to return one item, a lipstick because she did not like the color.

The products are great. So far everyone who has bought them loves them and some have already reordered.

I myself started using the shave gel and it is by far the best shaving product I have ever used. Do your homework and make an educated decision.

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbonne International Lipstick.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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I find it funny how people call it a pyramid when its all effort based! you can overtake your sponcer based on how hard you work!

so please someone who thinks its a pyramid explain how that is the case! You can not overtake on pyramids!!

People who make comments like this do not know anything about Arbonne. They may have had a bad experience with a consultant or trail sites getting false allegations but you cant let that represent your opinion on the whole company!


Too bad your wife can't get a real job, enjoy shelling out money to keep her faux business a reality. Get out while you can, this is another pyramid scheme and no one wins except the company.

Wake up. Real women have real careers.


You could of swayed me towards your way of thinking until that last statement .... "Real women have careers"......


Real women don't mark their success by career status, that was a self-righteous bias 1950's remark. Get over yourself


Your reply is completely baseless and without merit. My wife had a career for 24 yrs as HR Director

of a major ad agency earning well into 6 figures.

Unfortunately the company closed.

Fortunately for

her we are wealthy enough for her to do what ever she wants. And intelligent enough to know what a

great opportunity Arbonne offers if you put in the effort.


ahahahaha " Fortunately for her we are wealthy enough for her to do whatever she wants"

Must be nice. So Arbonne is for rich housewives who have nothing to do. Thanks!!!!



This is a multi leval marketing buisness witch is set up like a pyramid where the person on top makes money off those under them. Its a legal pyramid due to products being exchanged for money. Just beware when getting in to this type of business you need to get lots under you to start making money.

@business sense 01

Your comment is not accurate. there is no "top" in the Arbonne model.

There is no limit to what

any consultant can make.

In fact in many instances, consultants earn much more than their upline

because they work harder. You get out what you put in.


Yes if you are a business with underling minions, you get rich - that is a pyramid to me - Amway reinvented


You're clearly not educated! No part of this is a pyramid!

I work this business along side my full time job and one thing is for certain... with my regular job I can never ear more than my superior!! No matter how great my effort! Now that's a pyramid!

Arbonne is a vehicle to time and financial freedom created on a part time basis! Consistancy and perseverance is what separates the winners from the loosers and the skeptics from the believers!


The person above you makes money on your sales.......pyramid no matter how you spin it. Get a bunch of people under you, do nothing and make money if they sell or buy product themselves.


Get three people to sign up as reps, they buy stock product, you make money off that.

Hmmm pyramid.


That's ridiculous! Any company on the face of the planet has an up line.

Worker>supervisor>manager>district manager>CEO, blah blah or however the hierarchy is set up - guess what? The folks at the top make the most $$ - duh!!

Not sure how this is different? So I have no problem with it!!


Maybe if you developed some REAL skills at your regular job, you would be able to get a better paid position within that company. Sad really. Try to work a bit harder.

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