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I was an Independent Consultant and District Manager for 2 years until I woke up and literally ran away from this company. Arbonne reps will tell you half truths, blatant lies and huge exaggerations just to get you to sign up. You will only make it in this business if you are willing to lie and rip off all your friends and family and become an unethical, ruthless individual in the process!

For instance when I signed up I was unaware that I had to spend £100 every single month on Arbonne products to keep my ID and get paid. They didn't mention this at all during the opportunity presentation or when I was signing up. I was definitely not spending £100 a month previously on personal care and health and wellness products. The rep will mention a 'stat' that "the average family spends £70+ a month on products" - I challenge you to ask them to show you the source of such information as the reps often make things up and exaggerate facts.

In the opportunity presentation they don't mention that a business order costs £1,500 to start, they only mention to sign up for an independent ID costs £75. I was surprised after the presentation when they said that it would cost that much. Why not just be transparent and honest up front and mention the business order cost in the initial opportunity presentation? Another thing, the reps are very unethically, if you don't have the £1,500 they will suggest you take out a nought per cent credit card and use it to place the order. Why should someone get themselves into debt just to purchase luxury skincare products???

They keep telling you that Gordon Fraser is making £30,000 a month but let's be honest how many people in Arbonne are making anything close to this type of money? Only 5% of people in Arbonne are taking home the top earnings and the rest of the 95% are struggling to even make £50 a month. Ask your rep directly how much money are THEY MAKING per month and ask to see a copy of their Webstats or commission cheques as they will either avoid answering the question by telling you how much money the top earners are earning or they will say its not about how much I earn, it's about how much you're going to earn - again, ask the rep for evidence of earnings.

The compensation plan is POOR and is so complicated that even Albert Einstein himself couldn't understand it. Most people after spending thousands of pounds on orders will only receive a commission cheque of £10. You will be making a loss every month and it won't cover the monthly running costs.

The white Mercedes that you receive during a car presentation when you reach VP level is on hire purchase and you don't actually own it. If you don't reach your sales targets every month they take the Mercedes away.

They don't tell you that every month your volumes fall to zero and NOTHING from the previous month gets carried over.

The rep will tell you that the products are so great that they 'sell themselves.' That is an absolute lie as most of your friends, colleagues and family will tell you that the products are TOO EXPENSIVE and they will stick with the products that they are already purchasing from other stores.

They will tell you that you don't need to be a salesperson to be successful in Arbonne - that is a total lie as you have monthly targets to hit and you absolutely have to sell preferred client orders and ideal business orders to prospects.

Every week you are expected to call a premium 0845 number for an hour of training and the Leadership Academy and various training has a cost.

They will say that you don't need to have a lot of time to do this business as it fits around your life is also a lie - in order to make it work you have to eat, sleep and drink Arbonne by attending all of their endless events.

They expect you to hound your friends and family for orders and don't teach you practical skills, for example, how to market your business online or how to get hits on your website so that you don't have to bother them. I totally regret introducing this to my friends as I've fallen out with school friends over it and our friendships have never recovered from it. True friendships are priceless and shouldn't be jeopradized for the sake of Arbonne INC who are the real winners at the end of the day.

I could honestly go on and on and on. In closing if I could turn back time I would NEVER have signed up to Arbonne. It was a waste of time, money, resources and effort. Please run in the opposite direction of someone with a gold bag and don't allow your wives, partners, sisters, mothers etc to get sucked into their web of lies. There are several negative reviews from ex-consultants and customers and we can't all be wrong!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I completely agree I signed up and became super overwhelmed with my "Team" telling me I had to literally tell friends and family to join or buy products. I wasted a total of $311 dollars and was constantly feeling pressured!


Lots of Koolaid-drinking Arbots on here


Wow so much hate I started in Dec and have made back all my investment, which was what I could afford $1000...100%made back, I still have all my friends and my skin has never looked/felt better! I don't harass my friends...I tell them I sell and they come to me asking for advise on what to get...I'm not pushy and have an amazingly supportive up line who has done nothing support me not only in the business but in my personal life as well...and I'll be going to Vegas this year for the trip...not brainwashed at all...I'm actually a Registered Nurse who still works full time and is rocking this Abronne business...so sorry it didn't work for you but you get what you put into it!


Good to hear as a new consultant


Oh dear I don't think this article is at all accurate. I am sorry your journey with Arbonne did not work out but is appears you like to fabricate things yourself.

You don't have to order any products every month to maintain consultant but you do to get paid. This is so the top don't get rich without working. It is fair pay.

If you promote to RVP and do not meet your monthly requirement Arbonne DOES NOT take the car away.

I have no idea where you came up with that.

Arbonne is a 35 year old compnay that is highly regarded in the Direct Sales Association. I have built my business very honestly and as a Business Builder I understood Arbonne's Policies and Procedures to understand my business. It was and still is not the role of an UPLINE to educate you on your roles and responsibilities of a Consultant. You are referred to a an INDEPENDENT for a reason.

Shame on you for blaming. I am sorry it was not a great experience for you but your statements are far from truthful.

I have never hounded my friends for sales in fact I simply ask people to try my product and if they say yes and I meet with to find out about their experience. It is no different then going to the mall and a clinic rep, Estee Lauder and so on.

They as if you are interested in trying. If I am not I say no thank you and move on.


I find it sad how you blame the company or other reps but you havent talked about how you had anything to do with it. No one can make you do anything.

YOU hounded your friends. YOU lost friendships because you were pushy.

YOU stayed at DISTRICT MANAGER for 2 years because YOU CHOSE not to advance and YOU FAILED to love on your team and show them that there are endless opportunities. I am disheartened that you feel this way.


Piece of advice for you. A business MAKES money, a hobby LOSES money.

Every business needs products/materials initially to function and every business has monthly overheads. I am a managing director for another company and I have to hold about £50k in stock. I then have marketing materials to pay for, employee costs, electricity, etc, etc. I have huge risks with debtors and have to deal with the cash flow and credit limits.

It seems apparent that you didn't look at this as a business because as far as I'm concerned, Arbonne is the perfect business module.


This is not a businesss! You are signing up to become a Arbonne sales rep, pay for products every month then harass your friends and family to sign up using Arbonne's manipulative techniques.

Why has so many people agreed with my post then???

Over 40 people have ticked the box to say that they have experienced the exact same thing so I can't be lying can I? You need to stop drinking the Arbonne kool aid and wake up!


It most certainly is a business lol but it's a business that is not for everyone. You do not have a boss to tell you what to do and only 10% of the worlds population owns their own business so the reason why majority of people fail at network marketing companies is not because of the company but because of them.

There is a reason why there are people in this business, not even Arbonne but network marketing that are successful and it's because they are committed. They do personal development training and really understand how the business works. You cannot just sign up for something and expect it to pay off. You put in the work and you will be rewarded.

It's probably best that you left though because you clearly don't understand network marketing and that's okay!

Like I said, it's not for everyone. But it wasn't the companies fault you did poorly.


Well I have been in sales all of my life and I have to agree with the 2 yr rep our family member ordered this 30 day cleanse package for us. My 15.00 true vitality has more vitiamins etc...in it than the 2 big bags of lousy tasting garbage I sit here and look at ..this is a pyramid scheme if I have ever seen one sorry I have to believe in something to sell it and be successful you and your comments just treasure me that this product is *** and so is the taste you are insaine to pay the prices for these products WAKE UP DUMAS


Hey girl you are so on point you cant fix mental illness of these start eyed people someone bought me the 30 day cleanse and havent even opened the stuff execpt the fizz pack 1 only it is DISCUSTING this is a pyramid scheme if ive ever seen one ..who pays 40 dollars for lipstick ? And my true vitality has more nutrition value than this stuff it is 15.00 from Swanson who has been around for 60 yrs


What absolute bull!!! You obviously are bitter as you have not succeeded in Arbonne business!!!

Why state this on here and say that about a company. Work harder and maybe you will succeed at something!


YA WAKE UP THIS IS SO OVERPRICED AND YOUR ENERGY FIZZ IS JUST LOUSY TASTE AND ALL do your friends a favor if you have any left ? It is overpriced x4 this is how you get paid ? Shame on you ..and baby I am successful but I believe in something and care about my customers


Wow, what a nasty review full of such anger and hatred for this company.

What happened to make you so angry and bitter?

When you sign up to join, its usually best to ask a lot of questions.

If you failed in this department please don't blame the company.

YOU don't have to spend anything - you just have to keep your business 'status' up to keep your consultancy going by meeting a certain criteria. If this was not mentioned to you at the beginning, it is you consultants fault, not the company, as its mandatory to be honest in that area. I also find it hard to read your complaint after being with the company for 2 YEARS! You had plenty of time to remove yourself but you chose to stay on.

The compensation plan is a lot more giving than other companies by far as well as the training and constant help if you need it and if YOU CHOOSE to eat, sleep and breathe all that's on offer.

It's sad to hear you fell out of friendships because of "ARBONNE INC" unfortunately not true as your business management skills were probably more to do with the fact that you fell out of friendships AND if you say true friendships are priceless, I'd say yours obviously weren't true.

The White Mercedes! What did you think the company would buy it for you? Hmmm not quite sure how many companies BUY their consultants cars. Actually I'm pretty sure that lots of company cars are leased, not given.

And in case you didn't know, you don't HAVE to apply for the White Merc. You have a choice. You decided to join, you should ask questions and it's not wise to think that you will make money by not having to do anything. Arbonne is a network marketing company that sells health and wellness products, that in turn as a consultant you need to sell.

Did you think they'd just walk off the shelf and you'd be paid? You don't need to hound people, friends and family, not at all. If that's the way you went about it, you're not right for this business nor did you have any faith in it.

You never should have signed up in the first place. I wish I was offered the Arbonne opportunity years ago.


Thank you, my wife has been a consultant for 4yrs now and we learned so much and enjoyed it greatly. The people she works with are happiest group of people I have ever met in my life. This person just apparently was being mentored by a very uninformed consultant.

she is currently in Las Vegas enjoying the annual conference with 11,000 others.

hopefully she will finish her month strong as she is qualification for her Mercedes!

Thank You again, I guess you get out what you pit in!


I guess you're one of the 'top earners'??? If so then why do you have so much time to come on this site and defend this company tooth and nail.

I bet you're one of the many deluded brainwashed Arbonne consultants lying to your friends and family that you're making thousands a month when I'm sure your commission cheque is $10 at best.

Why is it that people from the otherside of the world are agreeing with me when we haven't met before. How come our accounts are spot on???


this business is just that…a business. you have to work at it.

it is not the lottery. you are just not an entrepreneur and just because you were not successful, gives you no right to be the expert on the Arbonne opportunity. You obviously have alot of entitlement issues. that is certainly not attractive.

I would suggest getting a JOB so you can be told what to do and when to do it and collect min wage making someone else rich.

that is prob best for you.


If someone has half-decent "business management skills" they will start a real business instead of being a Arbonne sales monkey.


I just wanted to address one point in your response, as I have asked my friend's (who is just starting up) sponsor repeatedly about what exactly it takes to sign up to be a consultant, the exact costs involved, and whether if it is possible to do this primarily online of if you are only really successful doing the events. Just so you know, I never once gotten a straight answer about any of what I asked and I was only informed about the initial membership fee, not about any quota, or any of the the questions about doing this online.

Obviously, there are better people than others in the uplines because clearly some people have very good experiences and some not so much. I've also asked how I can look at all the details and I get vague answers there as well. I only say any of this because no one needs to judge anyone for their experience.

I'm not naive, nor do I just jump into things, which is why I'm not signed up because I can't get my questions answered, until now through a review site (kinda sad). Just please be careful about jumping on people for expressing their bad experience, as while I am not a victim of such, I can see after looking into this, how people can join very mis-informed.


I have friends in this business and they are happy.

I'm not in it.

I've never felt pressure to buy. You just needed better mentorship maybe?