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Hello All,

I came across this website and literally just joined to share my experience thus far being an Arbonne consultant.

Well, let me tell you - if I had only done my research and LISTENED and HEEDED the advice and warnings of others, I may not be in this mess. I do love the product, and I have really enjoyed using them, but this whole situation is really turning me off of this company all together as a whole.

I joined arbonne late in 2011 - first as a pref. client and then I foolishly agreed to become a consultant - NOT TO SELL PRODUCT, but to enjoy the 35% discount, and made that PEREFECTLY clear to my "upline".

Anyway, long story short, my "upline" suggested I have a facial party - I could only get one friend to agree to come. So it was the 3 of us, my upline, my friend and me.

During the facial, my friend who came just as support to me, told my upline upfront that she uses another skin care line and is quite happy with it that she was just there for me. After the facials, my upline asked if she'd host a party, to which my friend said "no, I'm not into hosting parties and opening up my home like that". My upline proceeded to hand her a free product and said "well, if you do you can have this product" - my friend said, "well I'm probably not going to have a party, so here you can keep it". My upline THEN said "No, no it's okay, take it anyways and think about it".

Long story short - my upline has been SO PUSHY about why this lady hasn't hosted a party - I said it's because she doesn't want too, and then she said I needed to get back the product that she gave her or she was going to bill her!!!! Those were my options! WTH?!

I notified my friend, who has been using the product, she got SO upset and SO mad. She was beside herself that someone gave her something, and now she wanted money for it.

Anyway, I picked up the product, returned it to my upline as requested YESTERDAY - only to be told TODAY, that she is not going to accept it and that either my friend has to pay (that i would need to bill her for it) or I do out of my own pocket? WHAT????

So like an *** I will pay for it, because I don't want to lose my friend, and I don't expect her to pay for it, because i don't think that is fair in the least.

**(Also, let me mention that my "upline" is also my child care provider for my child, and she started doing arbonne herself 6 months ago. I only have 4 months left until my child starts school - and I refuse to yank my child out and frantically search for new care over Arbonne (plus I am recently a single parent and I don't want to disrput my child if I doan't have too).

Her child care is amazing, this *** over Arbonne is ludacris!! I refuse to let my child bare the brunt of this free product mess - so before anyone thinks I'm *** for paying for it myself, I just wanted to clarify why I am doing it.)

Thanks all for letting me vent!!!! :)

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Wow, that is sad! I pretty much joined for the same reason and have made a little bit of money on the side but nothing major.

My up line is amazing and tries to motivate me, but is never pushy and has become a great friend of mine. Sorry you had such a bad experience!


WARNING! Avoid Christina Georgas- a very rude and condescending Arbonne representative.


I have had a similar issue!


I met an Arbonne representative while I was getting a pedicure one day. She seemed nice enough and we live fairly close to each other with children about the same age so we exchanged phone numbers.

That was my first mistake . I have been very honest with this woman and told her that I would rather gouge my own eyes out than to host a party. I tried some of the product and it was OK, but I really prefer clinique and I like that I can order it online. I don’t shop and do not like to be hard sold.

Even when I shop for cars, I pick the car I like, tell them what I can pay for it and then I leave the lot. If they can figure it out, great and if they can’t I’ll find another car. Short of being very rude to this person, I can’t seem to make her understand that I have no interest in her product or her company and I don’t wish to have a friendship with someone who only sees me as an opportunity to sell something.

Seriously, how are these representatives trained? Stalked by the Arbonne lady


They aren’t trained


One bad apple doesn't spoil the whole bushel.

GrippingTibetan Mastiff303

In really empathise with these ladies and their experiences. I have been a consultant for 5 years and the stories you have to tell are all too common when consultants think one client is going to propel them to the top of the ladder without the hard graft that pieces any successful rise to the top.

Just know that we are definitely not all like that, people are people, not the business, and it is true that not every new consultant plugs into the readily available training. I'm so sorry you had this experience. Don't let it so you using the products IF you like them.

Remember you can order what you want when you want online. Just go through a new, distant consultant and avoid any dialogue if you're uncomfortable with them.


I feel like this is a very misguided representation of Arbonne. I personally have the most amazing upline possible, so it is unfortunate that the people you were under gave Arbonne such a bad name. I truly love the experience


My neighbor introduced me to Arbonne. Honestly?

I hate the taste of everything I've tried so far. Not a fan.


Maybe it's your upline that is the problem not Arbonne itself? Surround yourself and team with authentic people who truly want the best for others.


I would report her . I have never heard of such a thing.

I'm a preferred customer and am thinking about becoming a rep. The lady km under is a good friend of mine for years now and she has never been pushy , not once . Seriously , once your done with her services I would report her..

it's not fair to Arbonne. Sorry you had such a bad experience.


I became a preferred client after a woman I watch on you tube became an Arbonne IC. I have tried some on the products, I liked the FC5 scrub but that has now been discontinued.

She did send me samples of the RE9 set. I did try it and my skin did appear smoother but with the prohibitive price point I wasn't willing to order full size products. I think I did have a mild reaction to it as my skin felt itchy bumpy. I just stopped using it.

I have combination skin and I'm not prone to skin sensitivities. I have tried other Arbonne stuff. I ordered the shake but I didn't like the taste whatever I put in it.in defence of my consultant that I order from she seems a really genunine person. She has a young toddler and she just wants some extra money so she can go part time.

I think the reasons for her doing this are understandable. I think she is area manager now doing it around 18 months. She has asked me twice via messenger if I am interested in the business, I have respectfully declined. She is not pushy in the slightest and she isnt sending me Emails all the time.

I work full time so im pretty committed. I feel that the performance of the products does not justify the price point and in terms of vegan friendly, paraban free, non animal testing there are so many comparable brands out there. and I'm not particularly brand loyal. Currently I use Neals Yard.

The price point is cheaper but you don't skimp on performance. They smell and feel amazing.it a very much a subjective experience using any skincare. One person may say something is amazing and others may say that's garbage. It is the same with any network marketing company.

I am a consultant with Neals Yard but I am not active, i just get the products for a discount.

totally happy with that. The high price point of Arbonne means I couldn't justify trying to sell it as I feel that the price does not reflect the quality for me but I also accept others may well feel differently.


Ugh! I am so sorry you had such a terrible experience.

Just to let you know, we are not all that way! You can do this business on your "own terms" so to speak, and sometimes people take advantage of that.

All of the people I know that sell Arbonne, including myself, would never do a thing like that! I hate that it what happened left a bad taste in your mouth, but I honestly believe you were just under the wrong person!


I'm really sorry for your experience with your upline! So far my experience has been amazing.

I have not been pushed into doing parties or selling a lot. I have a real support team who helps me out at my pace.

I really hope things work out for you! Arbonne is an amazing company!


You should report the up line to Arbonne as this is not how Arbonne does business. Products are returnable for an exchange of refund, so the upline can return the product and should not be forcing the product on anyone. Definitely not a representation of the company.


I became a consultant in November and have not had this experience either. My upline has been nothing but helpful and motivational.

Nor have they ever been pushy or demanded anything of me. I actually really do love this business, even though I just got started.

It has been a blessing for my husband and I and has given us an extra stream of income that I otherwise would not have had. Sounds like whoever your upline is needs to take a chill pill, lol.


I just started Arbonne in September and I have to say this is not at all my experience. Arbonne provides you with the opportunity to become your own Boss.

And as your own boss you run your business as you see fit. Unfortunately, your up line does not run her business as many in Arbonne do. (Just like in normal work places, we have great bosses and awful bosses). I have never harassed, begged or threatened people to buy.

I speak about the products and they sell themselves. It's only been 3 months and I'm almost Area manager (2nd level) and that shows you I've sold a lot. But the key is my upline. She taught me the right way and I followed her advise.

It's unfortunate that some do not have or follow the advice Arbonne gives and just want to sell. Arbonne is healthy living and that is what I sell. And in regards to it being a pyramid, corporate America is a pyramid. You have president, Vice President, executives, administration, and maintenance workers.

Most won't jump to the president seat unless the president retires or is fired and you must have qualifications. That is a pyramid. In Arbonne I can pass my upline if I do my business. There is no pyramid to climb and I'm selling a product!

The Ponzi scheme was a pyramid and they had no product people invested there money and there was NOTHING that was being invested. So as always there is always one bad apple in the mix but it shouldn't ruin you opting for the healthier option in products.

Healthy living is the way to go!


Um, I wouldn't have paid a *** dime and would've reported them to the BBB. As well, even if you DIDNT WANT TO DISRUPT YOUR CHILD- how could you leave your child with someone Sooo distrustful?? There's no trust after behavior like that.


I would contact Arbonne B E S T practices and report her! she can't do that it isn't right and I don't think arbonne would be too pleased with how she is acting. That is NOT okay!


Don't pay! This is a typical scammer trying to intimidate you to get paid for product that she probably got for free to increase her sales.

What is she going to do? Send you to collections? Yeah...Right. If there was no purchase order to begin with there is no trail...

There is no way for this total (you know what) to do anything to you... Don't pay for this!!! I am in Sales and have also been on the "collections" side of things before. In order for her to do anything to your credit or send you to collections, she has to have proof that this was a purchase.

A signature... something... Unless she is a government agency, she can't just bill you for something that she gave you then send you to collections... there are rules for these types of things.

If there weren't... think about it... You could literally claim that you sold tons of product to anyone you know and when they don't pay, you could send them to collections... Don't pay this woman.

Please... I really hope that you have not paid.