I purchased RE9 Skin Care line. During the first week of use I thought they were amazing, but after further use I found that the products did not improve skin condition, only mask them. Not a great product for the price.The consultant sent samples so I might give to friends, and asked for their phone no's and email addresses, which I won't give. In every contact from consultant she reminds me of the "Buy $700.00 of product for $350.00" (I got sucked into preferred client).

When I wanted to return a product I had to call headquarters and speak with a person who had marbles in their mouth. Very inconvenient return process that entailed downloading and printing out forms.

Would not recommend to anyone.

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I recommend you all check out Votre Vu, a French line that is naturally-based and professional grade. I was looking for a great skincare line that would not break the bank and Votre Vu is it!

We have great anti-aging products that really work.

My used-to-be-Arbonne clients love the Vu line as well. If you are still looking for a new line, take a look and see what you think. Everything has a 45 day money back guarantee so there is nothing to lose.

www.VotreVu.com/Bliss or email me at SplendidBliss@gmail.com I would be happy to send you samples to try.

Many Blessings, Samantha


Wow, Im so sorry this happened to you :-( Ive been reading all the posts here, and I agree, there are a LOT of terrible practices going on, and I apologize on behalf of the company that so many are not being taken care of properly by their consultant.

I am a new consultant, and have used Clear Advantage for a couple of years (its one of the reasons I became one!) and honestly, its the only acne system I have tried that is strong enough to work yet gentle enough to not burn and peel my skin. I adore the products. But I wll say, not everything si for everyone. I dont like the shampoo and actually returned my own after using it...just didnt do well on my hair. I have someone I sell it to that loves it. Go figure. Not every single product is for every single person. As for being over priced, walk into a Sephora and check out their price tags, or pick up a bottle of anything by Lancome. Not everyone shops Wal-greens for their skin care, and people like what they like.

That being said, arbonne's 45 day guarantee should make anyone confident enough to purchase and try the product if it is within your fiscal means and desire to do so. As a consultant, if *I* had a client unhappy, I would *personally* take the product and refund the money and then complete the process through Arbonne on your behalf. That really should be something your consultant would help you with, and Im sorry you got a crummy one.

And as far as pushy...yeah, thats a common problem in direct sales. I meet women all the time whohave started their own businesses (not just through arbonne) who are desperate to make it work or have very..um..strong sales tactics and they come off abrasive and pushy. Its too bad, most of them just havent figured out how to ask without coming across like a vulture out to pick your pocket. I occasionally have the opposite problem, people start looking at me funny and I get scared and run, lol. The point it, there ARE people who are interested in the product and the business opportunity, but you dont know who they are if you don't ask, but at the same time, you have to learn when a no is no...and that is actually kind of a talent and has to be learned by some people. Try not to judge the over eager too harshly, they are just trying to have a good life :-)


Hmm sounds like she is not only unhappy with the return policy, but that

"after further use I found that the products did not improve skin condition, only mask them. Not a great product for the price."

there's a little bit more than the pushy sales person trying to farm her for phone 3's and emails


I'm happy you had a positive experience, Arbonne Chick. It's all relative, really.

I'm used to the ease of dealing with a retailer where returns are easy and no shipping fees involved. And yes, perhaps I am "pissed" at myself. Now I know better to stay away from direct marketed products.

It's all good.

Continue on your beauty routine and do what works for you. :)


OK, clearly you are frustrated.

What I am reading here, you didn't want to do it, but you did it anyway. If this is the case, you only have yourself to blame. I love the Arbonne brand and my consultant can't "push" me into buying anything I don't want. There are products I like from Arbonne and products I don't.

Guess what? I only purchase the products I LIKE!

As far as the return policy and "downloading" a form, yes I've had to do that with foundation one time. It took me an entire 5 minutes of my life. Unless you have 56k dial-up it shouldn't have been a problem.

I don't mean to be harsh but all I keep reading lately is people boo-hooing about situations they can control. When it comes to consumer complaints, I feel it should be for legitimate reasons like a Door Company who not only brought me the wrong door the day of installation, but made me wait an additional two months to correct their mistake. Not people who don't know how to say "no" to something they don't want, when they had a CHOICE.

You should be pissed at yourself and NOT and a consultant! :roll

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