For anyone who is looking to sign up as a consultant please do your research and think long and hard about it.I wish someone had posted something like this when I did mine.

I also found out that most consultants quit. Do you know how many of them quit and try to sell their overstock on-line? They don't tell you about that. They just try and make it all cheery and let's do this it's so much fun.

We're like a big family they say. Yeah my A$$. I did my research before signing up and thought that I could make this work because I would have the support of my up-line. Well that's what I was told when I joined.

I went to a presentation where they told you that this was like a big family and that they were there to help you. They said you get help from your up-line, make good money and get lots of gifts. Well I DIDN"T get any f-ing help after my launches, I never got my gift for promoting and I tried my best to find new customers and builders but nothing. I invested so much to make my dreams come true.

Now that I'm doing my taxes and see how much money I wasted I don't know if I want to cry or scream or puke. I never got the help I was promised from my up-line. So for those who want to join know what you are getting into.

MLM is difficult to start with but it's even worst when you don't have that help that was promised.Wish I could write what I really feel like but might offend some people.


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agreed, I lost $1500 dollars, it was fun and nice at first, but no more, people were nice at first, but nobody wanted to join my team, in fact, they ran away!I got yelled at, doors slammed in my face and kicked out of an exercise class, I feel like a persona non grata!

it really sucks because I may lose a friend over this and my decision to not do it anymore- I am not bad mouthing it, it is just not for everybody!Plus I have a few new friends who like me for me-period!

Poplar Bluff, Missouri, United States #1200351

Arbonne is literally the greatest thing to ever happen to me! If you followed the very specific system to success plan then you should be doing great :) it's not for everyone though!

to Anonymous #1370341

and what do do if people throw the samples back in your face and yell, and even cuss at you?

to Anonymous #1373668

Laugh ... 1st world problems


It doesn't sound like this is Arbonne's fault but your Up-line who let you down.I've been with Arbonne for less than 3 months and so far it's an amazing experience.

My Up-line is very responsive and was very helpful during my first couple of months. I'm about to promote to District Manager at the end of this month which is my third month with the company. I've worked hard and the hard work is paying off. I don't think it's good to bad talk an entire company because of your bad experience with a select few people.

You should have stuck it out and contacted people outside of your Up-line for assistance and maybe your business would have been successful.I'm following the plan and it's working great and I encourage anyone interested in starting their own business to try Arbonne because the products are amazing and the people are just as amazing and helpful!

to Anonymous #1131180

I'm really sick of reading it's not ARBONNE's fault it's your upline fault.Well unfortunately ARBONNE thinks anyone is recruitable so it's their fault.

You don't see Nespresso employ a-holes to serve you coffee and sell you a variety of coffee pods !!

These customer service front-liners are amazing at their job cause they were hand picked not recruited like ARBONNE with no policy.Shame on you all blaming the new recruits for their mishaps!!!!

to Anonymous #1370343

not Arbonne's fault, no- it is just not for everyone- that is all. I think one should be required to have minimum 2 yrs sales/marketing experience- I am happy for those who have had success however when one is putting out more money than what they are giving back, then it is time to move on. Yes the products are awesome, but I need to go back to being a preferred client.


For me, quite simply, too many people have a bad reaction to RE9 and the products are over priced.


You sound like a big baby that expects others to do the work for you. I can tell by your attitude that you are a nasty person, which is the main reason why people do not lend a hand to help you out.

to Anonymous Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1299298

person sounds like a big baby!I am new to this and am starting to makes sales!

I also buy for myself!

you need to put time and effort into it and have a better attitude!"poodle"

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