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Well just over 5 months ago I was sucked into signing up for arbonne. I was given my golden bag and rather enjoyed the products, then the smooth talking consultant comes back to retrieve her bag and talk all about how you can earn extra money and how being your own boss is amazing, gives you the financial freedom you need, blah blah blah absolute ***!!!!! I thought I was a smart women, I went home did my research on the company, asked my sponsor a million and one questions prior to signing on and even came up with a budget for what I would like to invest financially into this business...well it seems my sponsor thought that amount was far too low so now i'm currently in quite the mess because the women ended up paying for the rest she " considered" reasonable to invest to get my personal qualifying volume up to par. ( makes me vomit just thinking about it)

Anyways about the company........they do these recruiting sessions with the NVP which is where they stuff a million vulnerable individuals (mostly women lets be serious) in a room and discuss how great arbonne has been for them and their friends and go on with their pathetic excuse for a power point presentation and talk about the massive cheques they keep getting in the mail for selling products we already need and use on a daily bases.....blah blah blah. I find it most hilarious that they do these recruiting sessions generally in the evening so usually right after work and yet they don't offer you a drink or a appetizer....NOTHING yet they are making $250,000 + a year. Oh and lets not forget they also hound you right afterwards to discuss the presentation and to sign on the dotted line. So not only are you starving but you must fork over a minimum in most cases $2,500.00 which will conviently be placed your high interest credit card.

If you think that you are selling arbonne products think again!!! This entire business is NOT one bit about selling it is about finding "builders" which means finding friends and family to hound to invest their hard earned cash into, so that inturn they too can hound people into multiplying the pyramid. After doing just one party when i first started i was excited but after selling a couple thousand dollars worth of product and being even further excited for my commission cheque to only find out that majority of the products sold were considered " business aids" and when you sign up preferred clients ( which they want you to do since it looks better and they pray that this person will convert to consultant status) that you only get a pathetic 15% profit on. And before you even begin to receive that lovely excuse of a commission cheque you have to maintain a 150 pqv which means you basically need to fork even more of your hard earned cash into the company to receive this bonafide cheque. These are all the little things they DON"T mention at these "recruiting sessions" which by the way they call DA Meetings in arbonne lingo. Also they expect you to invest a minimum of $2,500.00 for a whole lot of *** you don't need to " start your own business". Luckily I didn't invest that much but I invested enough. They also make you print off these prospecting folders they tell you to do it at work....yeah full colour and about 500 sheets since they want you to have enough for every single person at the party!! Well I work in a small office so that wasn't going to happen....$100 dollars later everything was printed and what a load of ***!! Oh and don't get sucked into purchasing the business cards they are awful and another poor investment on your part. So basically you have now spent $2,500.00 on products you don't need, plus around $100 for prospecting folders that you will hand out and get right back, plus $75.00 for business cards, plus your gas, plus your time = setting yourself for failure.

The one and only way to make money in this business is to hound every last person you know to purchase product and pray to the gods that they will also fork over their hard earned cash. I too only wish that they had these blogs that i am seeing today up here about what kind of business this company is running. These sponsors think they have hit the jacket when they finally get you to come on board and trust me they turn to *** when you are unsure or want out. Also from analyzing majority of the groups of arbonne families around me every last one of them that is actually making a decent coin off this are ALREADY wealthy!!! they ALLL have husbands that are very well off....these are stay at home moms that literally have nothing better to do with their time since they have maids and nannies which were already in the mix prior to signing onto arbonne. I feel sorry for the young girls just like myself that get sucked into the dream of wanting to make some extra cash when in the end i'm out a *** load of money!! Another few pointers they don't point out at these " recruiting sessions" with no food or drinks is that you really have to keep in perspective your time and money. You have to waste gas recruiting people, dropping off the gold bag, picking up the gold bag, hosting parties all over the city, going to these DA meetings.....its A LOT!!!! They are all liars that say it takes just a few hours of your time. Thats a load of SH**, I can't even tell you how much money I am out just from the gas and photo copies alone. All in all DON"T do it!!!! The products are digustingly overpriced for what they are, so good luck finding people that can even afford them. They specify all natural but i got a rash from quite a few of the products and i've done multiple allergy tests and none of the " natural" ingredients have I ever been allergic too in its original state. SO Beware!!!! And learn from everyone that is posting on this website. The arbonne community that is going to comment that I am a just a bitter women that didn't make money at this because i'm lazy or whatever excuse you may want to come up....save your breath! I am merely pointing out simple facts and I am rather angry what has happened to myself and others in the same situation. The only thing I actually got from this entire experience is that I will NEVER in my life do a MLM company and the biggest lesson of all trust no one! You must look out for yourself and yourself only since everyone is only in this for themselves so why bother wasting your time and money trying to get already wealthy people richer.

I truly hope that this reaches others!


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This is sad I have never had an experience like this and I started Arbonne a year ago, still love it


Arbonne consultants asking for $2,500 sounds like either an exaggeration or you got paired with people who are running their businesses improperly. It has never cost that much to sign up to be a consultant, and the products start under $20 each.

Maybe the consultants you paired with didn’t inform you properly of how the business works, because your description is not an accurate representation of reality. Sorry to hear.


It makes me sad that this consumer had a poor experience with Arbonne. I’ve been at a consultant level for the past seven years mainly so I can use the amazing products.

All of the women in the Nation I am a part of are wonderful women who want nothing more than to help the successes of everyone around them. This review has nothing to do with the integrity of the company at large, but perhaps a more individualistic side of a poor experience.I assure you Arbonne works both from a consumer and a business standpoint.

Negative personal reviews like this aren’t helpful. Speaking from a chip on our shoulder isn’t educating people, but rather, fueling a fire that doesn’t need to be fueled.


This is a very accurate description of Arbonne and most MLMs. Arbonne is a classic case of “greenwashing”.

Their products are not so natural, and include crap like maltodextrin and Carmel coloring. So bad. And yes the commission is horrible.

After many similar experiences with Arbonne and other MLMs I and totally done with them. Bunch of scams.


You're either just against Arbonne or you're the biggest pessimist in the world, Arbonne is a great opportunity, the products are amazing and we're growing a global empire. Negativity won't get you far..good luck!

to Anonymous #1498971

Care to tell us how much you made then? Or better yet provide the evidence of the figure.


This whole website is bs. False information makes me think that someone has an agenda against Arbonne... so sad...

to Anonymous #1498973

Care to tell us how much you made then? Or better yet provide the evidence of the figure.


You're not ripping people off. It's a business just like any local shop downtown.

They pay wholesale and client pays retail. That is the consumer world..lol


I have a different opinion. I signed on as an Arbonne consultant in 2015.

It cost me $30. I purchsed the entire anti aging line at 35% off for myself which I wanted anyway. My events have always consisted of appetizers, wine, and fun. My VP has always helped me as well as my sister sidelines.

My VP brings her products since I don't have much. My upline and other consultants all pull together to help each other at events. I didn't ever have to buy anything. You can buy samples for people to try at events.

My VP has our Discover Arbonne meetings once a month where she offers us appetizers, wine, and door prizes. I'm sorry you had a poor experience, but that is not how all teams function. As far as all those pamphlets you don't really need all that. Buy your business cards at a local less cistly print shop.

You can diwnload before and after picks to your phone to show people. Think like a savy business person. Try to keep costs down.

We get a free personal web site! I've had a great experience and am booking lots if fun parties.


I tried selling last year and bought all the stuff for it. People just dont want to buy the ecpensive stuff.

Then you rip people off. You can pick and choose who you give your discount to but once you put in orders online every item gets the discount so you can use their left over money to buy products. I didnt like scamming people.

I sell thirty one now and actually get a check. So much better!!


this is really unrealistic...I don't know who told you to sped $2,500 to get started but..you do not need to spend even close to that lol


One of the mums at my daughter's school does Arbonne. She made a B-line for me 'because I 'have glossy hair and look the part' (I use £1.35 Vosene on my hair if you're wondering) and tried to get me to hold a party for her to flog her products and sign people up.

I said I wasn't interested but she carried on messaging me. She posts the most annoying things on FB, ranting on about being a Business Owner...errr, you do not 'own' the business, you flog their products for them. She has got the White Merc which she claims was 'free' (it's not, you get paid a bonus to cover your car repayments if you hit target, but the lease is your name and if you miss that bonus cheque, you pay for that Merc yourself). She claims to have 'retired' from her previous job (that isn't what retired means.

You just changed jobs love. She posts those silly inspirational quotes about empowerment and strong women which just make my flesh ***. She claims she flies to Las Vegas 'on business', when really she pays flights, accommodation and tickets to attend a conference to listen to more drivel about empowerment. A real company would invest in you, the employer and pay for you to attend training.

The list goes on....She projects that she is earning more than ever before, yet her house is rented. Happier than ever before, yet her marriage recently broke up even though she claimed her husband was amazing and so supportive. IT'S ALL LIES! I've recently blocked her.

I don't need that kind of positivity in my life - LOL.

I like things real and balanced and normal. I already feel lighter for hitting the block button.

to Rachel #1434481

Glad I’m not the only one who has tried to be sucked in (twice now by two different so called friends). Both changed dramatically.

It was like they had been brain washed. It’s disturbing and disappointing that friends would do that to you in an effort to make profit. Both had wealthy husbands. Both were stay at home my mums.

Both posted annoying bull#^%* on line. Both are no longer my friends.


Listen, I can't say that you're experience wasn't your experience. However, I can tell you my experience has been really amazing.

First off, all the events I attended had plenty of food and drinks.

Not sure why they didn't have anything there. That's lame!

Now when it comes to signing up and how much you spend, that's totally on you. I spent $450 and got a lot of products that I love and use everyday.

I purchased the products I was interested in so in case for some reason I stopped selling, I would still use the products purchased. Sure, you could spend thousands to purchase lots of products. If you have the money, why not? It's great to have those items available for people to try.

However, I did not have that kind of cash to spend, hence why I decided to join Arbonne. Plus you get $100 of free product you get to pick out when you sign up which is awesome.

Now I don't know if your upline suggested putting the money spent in products, on your credit card, perhaps because you didn't have the cash to buy it? Obviously going into debt for anything isn't a good idea so I would suggest to anyone only to purchase what they can afford.

Now with any personal business, you have to invest right? You have to invest in business cards, paper products, etc. That's just the cost of doing business.

Now again, with hounding family and friends, I always say this: You will not grow your business through your family and friends. Sure, when you first start they'll host a party or buy some products to support You but eventually you have to branch out and meet other people.

You meet friends of friends and so on so forth. You meet people at the grocery store, the park, work, etc. So many people in this company do this because they want to help people. Whether it's someone with acne, who's over weight and uses the healthy living pgroam, or if it's to use the money you make to help Others in need.

This business is about community, about creating relationships with people, seeing a need and suggesting Arbonne to help serve that need. Sometimes it's just the product, sometimes at the businesss. My upline was working 5 jobs to make half of what she makes now as a consultant. She was far from rich before.

She now makes enough for her husband to be in a band and have his dream job. She has no nanny that watches her kids. She gets up before them, works while they nap and works when they go to sleep.

A lot of this is just creating relationships. Im sorry you had a negative experience but I assure you this shouldn't speak for the company as a whole.

to Carrie sanchez #1498976

“Helping people”. Give me a break, love. You wouldn’t be wanting to recommend these products had you not been making profit off it.


Hi, I have just read your comment about Arbonne as I come on the Internet to read reviews about Arbonne.

You seem to know exactly what your talking about.

Especially the part where you say when a sponser 1st gets you signed its like they have found golddust and then they turn to +++ when you dont biy or whatever etc. I am really upset over all this Arbonne ***. I was approached by an Arbonne sponser called Chevonne Clay last month ( may) and she came across so nice and came into my house and the bussiness sounded just what I was looking for as a single mum. I was so excited to be entering this bussiness it gave me hope as evey last week of the month I struggle so really wanted to be financially secure.

At this point in time I was getting my house redecorated and she was saying its only £56 to join you get your own website so yes thought thats worth investing then she began suggesting I buy one of these kits that were nearly £200 and I said I just dont have that kind of money and then I got can you borrow from friends and family and I have NEVER in my 47 years ever asked to borrow money off friends or family as I am a very proud woman and I made it very clear thats just not me, then she asked have you got credit cards noooo then she asked if I could get a loan which I think is disgusting to ask someone to get a loan and possibly plunge them further into debt. Luckily for me I knew I couldn't get a loan as my credit rating is shockingly bad. Anyway she knew I got paid monthly. And I said I will be able to buy some products this month but my mot failed so I have had to use mostly all this months money to buy a new car as I rely on my car.

So I said because of my mot and having to prioritise I would have to wait until next month. However all during the times she knew I didnt have any money she was still pestering me and saying if I really wanted this bussiness to work I would find away she told me to be creative and sell some of my things. Please bare in mind I only joined up a month ago and I felt drained as though she was sucking the life out of me. I went a good few days that I just didnt want to talk to her as I kept saying look there is no way that I am going to go around telling people to take out loans.

I said I loved the idea of helping people live their dreams and pointed out so if I see a young mum with potential then if I had all the products ( which I had nothing but a cell scrub I had been pressured into.buying a couple of items with my starter kit) it would make sense that when I was in a position to buy products then it made sense to me if the young mum really wants to do this for me to say well just get the starter kit and then hey use all my products and then get her some sales etc and then she can start to buy her own products and this silly little bimbo brain was telling me oh no you cant do that as then she will learn that from you and you want them buying products. She just really wasnt listening to me and then I told my friend about the bussiness and he came to my house and she did a zoom presentation which was fine, but the minute it was over she was straight on to the money. How much can you put in can you put £900 in my friend said not at this point in time no. So then she immediately says can you get a loan and I then made an excuse and said.my friend doesn't have the money this month and she went but my friend said he was starring to feel very uncomfortable and if it wasnt for my style of not pressuring people and his research he would not be joining.

Luckily he hasent joined. Anyway fast forward to why I am soooo upset about the whole Arbonne thing. I know it was a bit of my inner teenager coming out but I put a photo on facebook and instagram sticking my fingers up with the words NEVER give up your integrity and morals for anything or anybody. And then I decided I just didnt want to speak to her.

So I called Arbonne customer services and I said look a lot of people dont have £900 laying around in this day and age so what if someone is not got a lot and the customer service lady said we dont operate like that they just need to buy the starter kit and can grow their bussiness and actually said what shes doing is against policy. And the lady said this is your bussiness and you can run it how you like. So once again I was back on a high thinking great I will make this bussiness a success with integrity and help others not plunge them further into debt. Then I just decided to leave the silly little whatsapp group she added me to as I never went on there as it seemed full of muppets talking about this months incentives and posting photos that were taking up my space.

Bare in mind I have been biting my tongue so much with this jumped up spoilt little diva for a while for example she boasts that she invested £900 into the bussiness straight away. Errrrr no shes a spoilt 24 year old still living at home with mummy and daddy and they gave her the money. She doesn't understand about paying for food, bills and rent and running a home etc. And she didn't care.

It was all about her and she was a ladder climber and she didn't care how many people she got into debt on her way up. I really hopecshe gets her KARMA. Before Arbonne I used to mix DMAE And MSM in my face cream as it gives you really good skin and is anti aging was much cheaper and it works as Im a bit ofcan Alchemist. However this dumb *** bimbo had the nerve to insult my intelligence by talking to me as though I was thick by saying oh when you get your products and loan them out dont mix the things you mix in.

So I was like pretty pissed as I said I know that im not an *** ffs. Anyway that was just some of the *** I had to deal with. So back to me just leaving the silly little whatapp group I was still on facebook and still had her on whatsapp and a couple of unread messages from her. Then I get a message from her saying Shame you gave up on yourself.

Well that was enough who the heck does she think she is. So I messaged a very honest matter of fact email saying ohhhh nooo I haven't given up at all quite the opposite now I know that I can actually run my bussiness my own way as I do not agree with your way of asking people to take out loans and borrow money off family or friends. And omg it became possessed messaged me a nasty message and then at the end put you really believe you can makeca successful bussines on your own your more delusional than I thought with 3 laughing faces and then she blocked me. Only to then unblock me again half hour later and omg the things she said was just pure nasty she said I was a bitty lady I think she meant bitter.

Ha im not bitter about anything and then she said I was lazy and had not done anything for my bussiness as she couldn't see the reason was I was not prepared to go the way she was teaching and omg after her mental rantings she blocked me from everything and I just laughed thinking I remember when she was doing her fake act in the beginning about the personal development side which I had watched the secret years ago and still would sometimes play it in the car. But I remember her saying that since the personal development she never gets into arguments now days. Yet another lie. As shes a District area manager and has been with Arbonne a year and wow that was a very professional responce to an honest email that was not horrible in anyway just matter of fact but cant believe the way she personally attacked me in the messages saying the most horrible things.

Good riddence to bad rubbish. Anyway I was speaking to this other Arbonne lady that is a mum and she messaged me after loopy loo the possessed diva from *** and I had a reallly nice chat to her and she was just normal and she ran her bussiness completely different and never asked people to take out loans and borrow money off family or friends. She went the extra mile for her team the same as I would do. So I had made a complaint to the bussiness ethics email in America.

I explained about I felt really pressured to buy things even though I didn't have the money and then about the way she was operating and about her nasty messages and the American woman was emailing really sorry you had a bad experience and would like to chat with you but she never called so emailed again and I said look I am completely new and I the behaviour of my sponser to send such nasty messages and then blocked me shes not in sevice to me. However I have been speaking to a lovely woman who runs her bussiness completely different and has integrity and the way she runs her team is how I would run mine. And bottom line is I have 2 bloody options No 1 stay with my mental sponser ( seriously)

No 2 leave and rejoin with someone else in 6 bloody months. Wtf???

So I am completely new and I got the worst fake nasty nut job diva I could possibly get.who has broken policy and acted totally unprofessional and I have not done anything wrong and I have those 2 options and I dont want anything to do with that greedy mental loon and I sure dont want her making a penny out of me. So my only option is to leave and wait the 6 months how the heck is that fair. So much for their integrity. Anyway I fired off a few emails to the useless American woman and said this is beyond outrageous and said I would get my Advocate involved and also posssibly go to the Newspapers and I want a refund for the *** ticket that I was told I must buy and go to that training thats like 3 and a half hours drive away and that little diva will be there and I honestly don't trust myself not to walk up and knock her out.

Disrespectful little runt. Shes got no idea about life and the real world and she really doesn't want to get on the wrong sidecof me. Oooops too late. Also I could take her to court for libel as in her mental rantings shes liedcabout me to me.

Seriously are they being mind controlled at these bloody trainings? She will get her KARMA. Anyways I just saw your post and really related to a lot of what you said. I am not giving up without a good fight I will be emailing a formal complaint seeing about taking them to court.

As I have been an advocate and have a good advocate friend. I hope you are ok anyway. I am still in absolute shock at the whole thing. Just cant get my head around it.

Perhaps Ive had a lucky escape as blimey all this drama in a month thats mental and I haven't done anything wrong and get 2 really crappy options?

Apologies for long ramble think I am still in shock havent even slept yet as cant get my head around how they can even use the word integrity.

Manchester, England, United Kingdom #1335583

They are governed by the FCA and you can only spend a maximum of £200 legally in your first month when you sign up to the business so those money amounts are not true.

Its a great brand I love the products and the lady who introduced me to them never hounds me but advises me on the best month to order because they often do free gifts when you spend a certain amount.

Some sour people out there want to ruin a good thing for everyone because they cant understand positive and forward thinking people.

San Antonio, Texas, United States #1276523

hi I am currently an Arbonne Consultant. I too was approached, but seems like my experience has been much more pleasant.

I spent a max off $300 "starting my business". I was not forced to buy anything I did not feel comfortable buying, and myy Upline was totally OK with it.

I am so sorry the women who approached you was not pleasant and so wrong.

In my case what I did was get a second opinion from someone above the gal I signed up under and a totally different Arbonne Consultant with another group. I wanted to be sure I wasn't getting misleading information.

to Chelsea Santa Clarita, California, United States #1298973


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