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Well just over 5 months ago I was sucked into signing up for arbonne. I was given my golden bag and rather enjoyed the products, then the smooth talking consultant comes back to retrieve her bag and talk all about how you can earn extra money and how being your own boss is amazing, gives you the financial freedom you need, blah blah blah absolute ***!!!!! I thought I was a smart women, I went home did my research on the company, asked my sponsor a million and one questions prior to signing on and even came up with a budget for what I would like to invest financially into this business...well it seems my sponsor thought that amount was far too low so now i'm currently in quite the mess because the women ended up paying for the rest she " considered" reasonable to invest to get my personal qualifying volume up to par. ( makes me vomit just thinking about it)

Anyways about the company........they do these recruiting sessions with the NVP which is where they stuff a million vulnerable individuals (mostly women lets be serious) in a room and discuss how great arbonne has been for them and their friends and go on with their pathetic excuse for a power point presentation and talk about the massive cheques they keep getting in the mail for selling products we already need and use on a daily bases.....blah blah blah. I find it most hilarious that they do these recruiting sessions generally in the evening so usually right after work and yet they don't offer you a drink or a appetizer....NOTHING yet they are making $250,000 + a year. Oh and lets not forget they also hound you right afterwards to discuss the presentation and to sign on the dotted line. So not only are you starving but you must fork over a minimum in most cases $2,500.00 which will conviently be placed your high interest credit card.

If you think that you are selling arbonne products think again!!! This entire business is NOT one bit about selling it is about finding "builders" which means finding friends and family to hound to invest their hard earned cash into, so that inturn they too can hound people into multiplying the pyramid. After doing just one party when i first started i was excited but after selling a couple thousand dollars worth of product and being even further excited for my commission cheque to only find out that majority of the products sold were considered " business aids" and when you sign up preferred clients ( which they want you to do since it looks better and they pray that this person will convert to consultant status) that you only get a pathetic 15% profit on. And before you even begin to receive that lovely excuse of a commission cheque you have to maintain a 150 pqv which means you basically need to fork even more of your hard earned cash into the company to receive this bonafide cheque. These are all the little things they DON"T mention at these "recruiting sessions" which by the way they call DA Meetings in arbonne lingo. Also they expect you to invest a minimum of $2,500.00 for a whole lot of *** you don't need to " start your own business". Luckily I didn't invest that much but I invested enough. They also make you print off these prospecting folders they tell you to do it at work....yeah full colour and about 500 sheets since they want you to have enough for every single person at the party!! Well I work in a small office so that wasn't going to happen....$100 dollars later everything was printed and what a load of ***!! Oh and don't get sucked into purchasing the business cards they are awful and another poor investment on your part. So basically you have now spent $2,500.00 on products you don't need, plus around $100 for prospecting folders that you will hand out and get right back, plus $75.00 for business cards, plus your gas, plus your time = setting yourself for failure.

The one and only way to make money in this business is to hound every last person you know to purchase product and pray to the gods that they will also fork over their hard earned cash. I too only wish that they had these blogs that i am seeing today up here about what kind of business this company is running. These sponsors think they have hit the jacket when they finally get you to come on board and trust me they turn to *** when you are unsure or want out. Also from analyzing majority of the groups of arbonne families around me every last one of them that is actually making a decent coin off this are ALREADY wealthy!!! they ALLL have husbands that are very well off....these are stay at home moms that literally have nothing better to do with their time since they have maids and nannies which were already in the mix prior to signing onto arbonne. I feel sorry for the young girls just like myself that get sucked into the dream of wanting to make some extra cash when in the end i'm out a *** load of money!! Another few pointers they don't point out at these " recruiting sessions" with no food or drinks is that you really have to keep in perspective your time and money. You have to waste gas recruiting people, dropping off the gold bag, picking up the gold bag, hosting parties all over the city, going to these DA meetings.....its A LOT!!!! They are all liars that say it takes just a few hours of your time. Thats a load of SH**, I can't even tell you how much money I am out just from the gas and photo copies alone. All in all DON"T do it!!!! The products are digustingly overpriced for what they are, so good luck finding people that can even afford them. They specify all natural but i got a rash from quite a few of the products and i've done multiple allergy tests and none of the " natural" ingredients have I ever been allergic too in its original state. SO Beware!!!! And learn from everyone that is posting on this website. The arbonne community that is going to comment that I am a just a bitter women that didn't make money at this because i'm lazy or whatever excuse you may want to come your breath! I am merely pointing out simple facts and I am rather angry what has happened to myself and others in the same situation. The only thing I actually got from this entire experience is that I will NEVER in my life do a MLM company and the biggest lesson of all trust no one! You must look out for yourself and yourself only since everyone is only in this for themselves so why bother wasting your time and money trying to get already wealthy people richer.

I truly hope that this reaches others!


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Mar 23 #1132589

Thank you! I was checking into the company when I saw your report...thank you so much!!!!!

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Mar 20 #1131060

OMG you are one thick individual. ..Arbonne is amazing

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Jul 21 #1187862

Maybe you should elaborate before you post such abusing statement. Shame on you. I agree with the post. They have tried to lure me in, thankfully PowerPoint presentations make all my alarm bells go off.

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Mar 19 #1130321

I've been with Arbonne for more then 2 years and everything you said here is true!!! Thanks !!! This is what i call real help!!!

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Mar 15 #1127899

Just so you know, if you keep track of your business miles (like a normal adult should know to do) and turn them in when you file your taxes the US government compensates you .57 per mile.... so unless you drive a hummer you actually will probably be reimbursed more than you spent. The miles spent driving to and from any arbonne event (parties, meetings, ANYTHING etc) is stuff you should be keeping track of.
You can also write any arbonne expenses off as "business" and you will get tax deductions for them as well.
I know everyone will dismiss comment this since I work for Arbonne but I only invested $500 and was never "hounded" to invest more than that, and I've already practically earned it back (once again without "hounding" my friends and family.) I am truly sorry that you had a bad experience though.

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Jun 12 #1172127 London, London

Why should US or any other government be responsible (or compensate) business mileage for the multi-million company that can't be bothered to have expense claim process in place for their employees???

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Oct 01 #1220974

This is not for a million dollar company.. Working for a network marketing company is like opening up a franchise, meaning it is essentially a small business and the government supports small businesses.

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Mar 14 #1127464

Thank you for validating my fears about this company! My contact tried to rope me into this pathetic diabolical scheme and I had many reservations about it. Upon reading your story and doing some research I have no doubts about it now. I hope you have recovered from this set back and I am truly thankful to you for posting your experience, the facts and your courage to speak out on this devilish scam which has undoubtedly broken up innumerable friendships and familial ties. God Bless and good luck!!

15 9 Reply

Mar 14 #1127340

Some people would complain if they were hung with a new rope. Don't believe this nonsense! Have sense enough to find out for yourself!

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Aug 30 #1205510 Cape Coral, Florida

Your an ***. The point of these reviews is so that people that have had bad experiences can prevent others from going through the same thing. If you did not have a problem then you parently got very lucky but it sure seems like there is an overwhelming theme with the majority of the people that have posted

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Mar 14 #1126996


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Mar 09 #1124382

Thank you for your story on Arbonne. A lot of what you sated about Arbonne is so true.
When they get you to join they don't tell you all of the little nitty & gritty thing that you have to do & they say it's not a pyramid but it is.
Thanks again

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Mar 21 #1131156

Just proves you werent listening. Arbonne is not pyramid selling. The pyramid model is where someone starts their business and everyone they recruit comes under them and they will always remain at the top, hence the pyramid. This model, ANYBODY can overtake the person who joined them up and out earn them. The fact that you didn't listen might explain why you didn't succeed in this business and the absolute negativity and ignorance the author of this main post showed definitely explains why they didn't succeed. I wouldn't want to buy or be around someone so pessimistic. Get ur sh*t together. It's a business and you need to work it. Im sure no one put a gun to their head to buy. It was their choice. If u still have the kit, it's not too late. Regroup, set some goals, work hard, build your business and get some money back! Its not too late!! 35years in the business and opening in 3 new countries in the next 12 months is not the result of a poorly orchestrated scam. Its one of the fasted growing network marketing organisations. Yes. The people who joined you up sound a bit aggressive and may have the wrong outlook of this business. But don't work with them! Go it on your own, create your own team with true intentions, be successful and share this great opportunity with others! It has given so many people (who want to work hard), wonderful work/life balance, great money and amazing friendships. "If it's meant to be it's up to me"....

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Jun 12 #1172130

Just proves how much you were bran-washed ha ha ha
'The pyramid model is where someone starts their business and everyone they recruit comes under them and they will always remain at the top, hence the pyramid.' = ARBONNE

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Feb 27 #1119077

Ok so here's where I'm at. There's good and bad in every company. I sold arbonne years ago. I lived in an area where nobody had much money and most of my friends were early 30s like I was. Still I made district manager in my first two months with only around $400 out of pocket for products. Yes you have to pay for gas to go places unless you want to bike or walk but I lived where there is snow so I opted for gasoline powered vehicle. I did opt to create my own flyers and promotional items because you get out of anything what you put into it. I made a good deal of money but I wasn't going to get rich from it. My manager at that time was pushy and unreasonable as well. She was focused on her own goals and drove me crazy. So I stepped away, but I missed the products that I really loved. Recently (about 12 years later) I just found a friend who is doing Arbonne and I was only going to buy from her but I save so much more money paying to be a consultant. I don't plan to make a major business out of it and she knows it, but I spend enough each month on my own on these products I LOVE that it was worth it to me. I do tell my friends about them. I will sell to friends if they are interested (which they are). I don't push and neither does my manager. Arbonne is for each person what they wish it to be. Some want to go at it full force and others just want to enjoy it and share with friends. My current manager is great with that and that works for me. I'll get out of it what I put into... Show more

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Oct 01 #1220976

Hi, I agree with you, I love the products. I actually signed up as a consultant and when I signed up I had already decided that even if I don't make any money, it won't matter, because I love the products. The company actually teaches that you should develop real relationships, and stir away from pushing "sales" or hounding people. I feel bad for people who've had bad experiences with network marketing. I have always had good experiences with network marketing professionals, who are usually either stay at home moms or single moms, so how could you possibly not want to support moms. In the past, I tried the Cindy Crawford line , and Proactiv, which are both highly advertised, however gave me little to no results, whereas the RE9 line from Arbonne produced amazing results within days foe me. The way I look at it, is the the way I look at shopping for produce that is either organic or GMO free. Yes it is a little more expensive at the front end, but it if can help my family's health, and help prevent certain health conditions, then to me it is totally worth the money and the time it takes.

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Feb 18 #1113807

I am in total agreement; you do have to watch these types of businesses. I was with Thirty One and Then Arbonne and had not the greatest experiences. Thirty One wasn't so bad but you can only sell so many off brand purses/bags; Arbonne was a disaster. I switched over to Mary Kay and I love it; yes there are always hidden details but with my knowledge from the past 2 companies I knew more what to look for and I luckily found a down to earth director that had her own experience. I have now been with Mary Kay for 2 years and can work it at my own pace and not worry with the hassle; if I don't have sales I don't have sales it's all on me.

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Feb 03 #1105773

This isn't what Arbonne is about at all. The business opportunity is amazing and can do so much for people willing to put in the time and effort and work hard. We share the products, no one is forcing you to buy them. You put your own hand in your pocket. Your up-line may have been uneducated and has made you feel this way but Arbonne is a gift which helps others. I'm sorry you never got to experience the benefit it could have had on your attitude, personal growth and own your financial freedom and life. You really did miss out on some amazing opportunities.

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Feb 03 #1105704

The presentation I attended was VERY upfront about building the network. SO sorry you had a bad experience. Mine (only 3 months in but I've already earned more than invested)

24 24 Reply

Feb 03 #1105745

The paid you to write it didn't they

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