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Information about me:

25, unemployed (other than my "Consultant" status), unlimited free-time to devote to "my" business, previously employed in a million dollar a year business in an executive title but got tired of the hum-drum 9-5, on-call stuff.

I was immediately drawn to Arbonne because of the influencers on Instagram that speak so highly of it. The Mercedes, the ability to have flexibility and work/life balance, the free trips, the new friends you'll make... the list goes on and on.

I signed up for Arbonne because I was unemployed and I thought it would be a nice way to make some extra income, although my significant other supports our family quite easily without my help and I don't need to work. I thought it would be a fun way to meet some women in my area doing the same thing I am and "really link arms and go to the top" as these IG models/#bonbabes say.

BOY, was I in for a rude awakening. Here are some nightmares from my experience...

- I joined and the fee to join was something like $79.00. When I finally did my consultant transaction (without buying product or what they call QV) I spent over $100.00 just on shipping + some starter kit I didn't even know what contained.

- I joined at the beginning of the month - they extended a promotion from August into September that the fee would only be $49.00. Not sure why I had to pay the full amount when they extended the promotion.

- My upline insisted on a FaceTime call to welcome me to the business. She lives out of my state so that was the only way. It was 30 minutes long of her telling me so much information I couldn't think straight. She then proceeded to tag me in 10 videos on Facebook that she expected me to watch about having passion for "my" business, how to recruit, how to start up, other success stories from other consultants/RVP/area managers, and many other. I also was sent to sites, invited to Facebook groups, and included in group chats, download a video chat software for our weekly calls... again... the list doesn't end. This is SOOO overwhelming for a new consultant.

- I am such a self starter... Every idea I sent to her within the first few days of "my" business, she praised highly. She called me all kinds of pet names and kept telling me how amazing I was. I guess this is how they lure you in to thinking they care.

- She included me into an Arbonne Graphics group in which consultants all over the world post these terrible looking flier that they make. I make fliers myself in Photoshop so I was appalled that they were sharing and applauding all these flier with GRAMMATICAL errors and that literally looked so clunky. A 5th grader could have done better on these. I never really used anything other than Arbonne provided graphics there.

- In the Arbonne Graphics group, there were so many consultants asking questions, requests for fliers, etc... It truly felt like a team environment and I LOVED IT! Until I was scolded for inviting other consultants to my first Facebook Launch. Someone had posted that they wanted to see how a launch went. Me, thinking that we were supposed to "LINK ARMS" posted that they were welcome to mine. My upline didn't like this. She claimed that we should be inviting consultants to the party and that she didn't want the tips and information we shared within our team (which had several top earners in it) to be shared with anyone else. What happened to "linking arms?"

- I was encouraged to attend a conference in my area. It's 35 bucks to sign up... I'm forced to sit with my team only. Why can't I socialize?

- When you start, you're expected to send 30 messages out to people basically begging them to let you call them and talk their ear off about the products and the opportunity. Then you're supposed to have a "dream team" call with a few people who you want to work for you... Most of the people read my message and didn't respond. They also want you to have coffee dates. They don't advertise it saying to meet up and go to lunch or have a fun girls day, they literally call all the interactions "coffee dates" but you're not supposed to have coffee on the 30 Days to Healthy Living program? Uh, okay...

- My upline hosted my first Facebook Live launch party. I invited like 80 people and 5 people tuned in. My grandma, mom, boyfriend and my boyfriend's cousin... I was told I was welcome to join... but I didn't have to. Okay... My upline talked for 45 minutes. I was bored and it's "my" business.

- I was told at the beginning that all product I ordered would come in at a 35% profit back to me. I ordered 300 dollars worth of product and confirmed this after ordering - I was told that it doesn't count for my own sales... Cool.

- Another FaceTime call with my upline, she wanted to talk about me having a LIVE launch party and inviting people. She wanted me to link her in through FaceTime so she could explain the product and opportunity. Do you see why I'm using quotes for "my" business?

- Tagged in another video about "how to go district."

- I have concerns that I express when she wants me to push certain products. I haven't tried many. I explained to her I wanted to try them myself first to put some girth behind my claims of their stellar potential. I am told that I don't need to personally try them to recommend them. Why? That doesn't make sense. I wouldn't recommend a restaurant I haven't tried.

- Another run-in with the Facebook Graphics group. A woman posts there about verbiage when talking to new clients. I simply post something to get the post notifications when people comment. I am told by my upline that we have such a successful team and I should not be taking advice from anyone else. Micromanager at it's finest.

- Everyone copies and pastes everything. They alter and tweak it to look original. All copies of paycheck stubs or the texts from Arbonne Pure Pay where it says "$ was loaded to your card." are copied and pasted through the whole company. You think "wow... my friend just started working this business and she's already making this much?" To find out it was reposted from someone who's actually been sludging through this company for 10 years.

- It's not a "FREE WHITE MERCEDES," it's a monthly stipend for one. They don't just give you a car. You have to still lease the vehicle through a dealership in your name + pay the payment monthly. What happens once you stop working with Arbonne?

- Finally, it's not about the wonderful products. It's about recruitment. It is a pyramid scheme. My upline harasses me daily to make calls and recruit people, not to sell product.

They make you feel like this is your business. It's not yours. Unless you allow it to be. Your upline is a pain in the *** and make your business a constant 24/7 demanding "opportunity." I am still with Arbonne. I plan to disconnect myself from my upline and continue to sell product to anyone who wants it. Not bombard people, but simply make conversation about what this product is. I will not sell the opportunity. I do enjoy the products honestly so I will just purchase from myself at my wonderful 35% off discount.

Peace be with you (and if you are trying to decide if you want to be a consultant, spend your money on something more worthwhile... like a value pack of ice cream sandwiches.)

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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It is helpful since their are many mlm who makes promises and don't deliver.


I think that you might have ended up with the wrong upline. I work my business as I wish and I do not have anyone hounding me to do anything.

I work my business at my leisure. All uplines are not like that I assure you. I love the Arbonne products and have tried just about everything the they have to offer. I tried products before I would talk highly about them and try to sell them.

If you do not try them first how can you recommend them. I have always been about the products and selling them, my team came with the selling of the products not with me pushing them to sign up. If you really want to work your business the right way then do it on your own.

It really is a great business with the right people. Monica

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