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Over and over again, I was told Arbonne is not a scam- list reasons here. I went to a party, and really enjoyed the day of relaxing and the products. I decided to host a spa night myself. That bought me some time to research the company. Though I found tons of information about why Arbinne is the best company ever (And *** like that) I did find some red flags.

At my party, she mentioned more about becoming a consultant, and it did intrigue me, I work a lot of *** hours, it's be great to have family time- so on. So I agreed to listen in on the call then meet for coffee the next day. The whole time, I had thus terrible feeling in my gut about the business. So I met for coffee, asked her a million and one questions I had, each question she answered were basically praises of Arbonne -RED FLAG- how is it with my research it says one thing, yet you tell me the opposite- with a 'everything you read on the Internet isn't true' apparently everything you hear from a person is true though right?? I degress.

She basically told me I was going to do this, made a call to her uptime, scheduled dates for my parties, and called it a day. I did go home that night, and work. I planned out my strategies, made a list of everyone I knew, wrote my 'why's' and wrote a script for calls.

The next day, I had agreed to go to a car presentation. The woman who signed me up agreed to drive me, which turned into a bit of a nightmare in itself- but that has nothing to do with Arbonne, so I won't get into that. I came right from work, wore casual clothes, and was not told to pack a lunch- I figured, as I'm told they are on the way to be a billion dollar company- they'll have it catered (they did not by the way, and I bought my own lunch).

When we walked in, we walked past the Merceades and once we got upstairs, they said how many white Mercedes were outside, but really, there were 4, 3 of which were relatives to each other. I was very underdressed, everyone had a going- out dress on, heals, jewelry- they were dressed to impress. We sat through training first, which I won't lie- was inspiring! It was basically motivational speaking with pauses to talk about how great Arbonne is. I heard the phrase that makeshift cringe a million times- 'the best copy-cat wins' ew. So we took a break, and cane back for the presentation. The CEO came, I was really grossed out by how everyone was praising her... It was very much like how a cult worships the leader... The presentation had a lot of 'break downs' on how to make Arbonne work for you- this is supposed to be a celebration, but it's clearly a recruiting event. The woman who received the car, her sister gave a speech about how she used to have these 'gross' facial piercings, but now- she's a lady... No, she just lost her individuality.

I was very inspired after the event. I got home, and planned some more then went to bed. All night I couldn't sleep. The realities (with glitter brushed off) were running through my head. The next day at work, I was having anxiety attacks, the only way to calm down, was to say I wasn't going through with it.

Here is why it's a scam... First of all, it's not about the products at all. You make little to nothing off of them, it's all about recruting people. Now- I know my family and friends would want to support me, help me get started. They would buy lots of stuff, spend lots of money to help me out, but I wouldn't see any if it. To start, it's $80 which in my situation, isn't disposable. Next you have to buy the kit for $300, or use commissions from the first parties to buy your products. Then purchase the rest out of pocket. You make close to nothing from sales, the money only comes when you have people under you, and they have people under them- so on. My friends and family wouldn't be helping me and my business, they would be helping Arbonne, and the Arbonne business.

It's a bunch of ***. Don't do it... I got a free coffee and trip to Chicago out of the deal, plus anxiety attacks and temporary loss of sensibility (which quickly cane back) if it sounds too good to be true- it usually is.

BTW- most of my concerns from research were net with a. 'They must be from a bad upline' the upline doesn't matter when the company works this way. I am not out any money, I'm really not scorned in anyway- this is not a hate post, it's just informative. Do your research and know what you're getting yourself into!

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your choice your value


You would be better off selling wholesale bought beauty products off a market stall. I am no psychologist but I would expect this kind of scam to run like a cult. Most people are more susceptible than they realise.


A pyramid limited to only four levels (to make it legal) is STILL a pyramid. MOM is a cult and a scam.

It is a system designed to funnel profits up the chain while continally drawing in and churning new suckers at the bottom. There is no way to make money in it without resorting to deception and manipulation.

It destroys families, marriages, and friendships. It is a false religion and a dangerous cult.


It really saddens me on how uniformed you people are about MLM's or "pyramid scheme". First of all this writer was clearly giving her experience, grammatically or unchecked words or not your able to get her point.

But let's really look at the structure of everything that your typically involved in. ITS A PYRAMID STRUCTURE! Now it's only a scheme or for a better word PONZI scheme. A ponzi scheme is illegal!

A pyramid is NOT!

Your job is a pyramid, your church is a pyramid I'm not apart of this company. But I am aware and see it every year how business such as this and my own has been able to write off so much on my taxes ...if they were illegal I doubt that I would be able to write it off for so many years...


“grammatically or unchecked words or not, YOUR able to get the point”


The spelling and grammar errors make this article very difficult to read.


People are so misinformed about this business. If the thought of running your own business gives you anxiety, then you don't have what it takes.

This business is as hard as any other business and most just don't have the will power to see it through. I have worked this business consistently for 1.5 years and I'm quitting my full time job soon because I'm replacing my income. It's hard work but the investment is so insignificant compared to a traditional business it makes me laugh when people complain about having to buy business tools to start. If you think that spending a few hundred dollars to start your own business is ridiculous, you live in lala land.

I also think it's funny when people say we only make money by recruiting people. Actually NO, we don't make money by recruiting people if they don't sell anything.

That would be a pyramid scheme and those are illegal. Get the facts.


Have you noticed that your coworkers, friends and relatives avoid you... because you are always trying to shake them down?

Uh, and by the way, multi level marketing, which you most certainly ARE in, IS a pyramid scheme by design, duh! Given the choice, I would pick the original poster over YOU any old day!

You're aggressive and obnoxious. That's evident from your first sentence of your post.


Completely agree! Don't touch MLMs such as Arbonne.

A short while back the FTC prised some figures out of Arbonne and other MLMs which showed that c.95% of participants in this scheme make under $500 a year (before factoring in expenses). I think that speaks volumes.


Ha ha how do I like a comment? Too funny, doesn't anyone remember Amway?

How annoying were they? & Mary Kay, Avon, Jesus that was a pain.


If you don’t buy into their plan they won’t be your friend.... it’s constant. I run the other direction when I see them coming.


It's not your own business, you're a commission-only rep. Why don't people do the due diligence on pyramid-with-product schemes. Another lamb to the slaughter.


You’re burning bridges with anyone you can to sell Arbonne. Please...


Did you start the business from the ground up? Did you actually have anything to do with the products and other junk being produced?

Then it's not your business. You just funnel money into the pockets of people who were smart enough to bet on dumb people falling for this garbage.

It's not your business, it never will be. Get that through your thick skull.


The aggression in your comment is indicative of everything that is wrong with Arbonne. I have tried Arbonne for a year.

I gave up because according to you I "don't have what it takes". I started up 3 online business since then and all are going MUCH better than I ever did with Arbonne. AND to give credit to her, my upline was amazing, but the culture and the formula are flawed. You will struggle and struggle unless you have an elite set of friends who are willing to throw away money.

Sometimes the products works, sometimes they do not. But regardless the scheme preys on women who are having a tough time with money and promises them money and glory (directly and indirectly).


Avoid Arbonne like the malignant, supperating pustule it is.

A close friend of ours became involved (indoctrinated) some time ago and it very rapidly changed her.

It started off with warm, glowing reviews of products, the dementedly cheery optimism, and the incentives such as "financial freedom" (you mean being rich?) and the obligatory white Mercedes (a really quite astonishingly ugly status symbol).

It then progressed to the more insistent and persistent sales techniques when her cuddly approach was met with polite indifference, and then finally the more full-on passive/aggressive guilt trips and insinuations (making it clear that if her business failed it was OUR negativity that was solely to blame).

It has been quite a bruising, heartbreaking experience.

I do not doubt for one second that our friend (and others) can make a living from Arbonne (though the vast majority won't - the maths doesn't work). However, they are putting in far more work than they would have you believe, and could easily make the same money (or more) in other sales ventures that don't involve alienating all their friends and family.

Arbonne is, as a business venture for the would-be entrepreneur, a toxic rip off. You will not get rich. Even if you do, you will have been short-changed for the immense effort you will have put in.

Worst of all though, is the sales/recruitment techniques: they come with smiles, hugs and positivity mantras but they prey on the credulous, the naive and the vulnerable. Avoid.


Thank you very much for this info! I've been pestered to become a consultant and this all just seems too good to be true as you said. Thank you again!


Don't give up your day job for this *** folks!

I don't understand all these brain-washed consultant's aggressive comments - the poster clearly noted that 'this is not a hate post, it's just informative.'

You get no holiday pay, no sick pay, no pension contributions (unless you save yourself), you get no maternity-paternity leave, you get no security.. Unless you have a proper job!

This is a classic pyramid scheme and in their 'ideal world' everyone is Arbonne consultant.. But if everyone will be, who is going to teach your kids at schools, who is going to nurse you if you're ever in hospitals, who will be growing your veg and deliver it to you etc. etc. etc..

Besides, not all the products are as good.. They were lucky to develop something that works and decided to expand the range - some successfully, some not. And 80% of all products on the market now are paraben-free and have no chemicals that Arbonne claims are bad for you. So this is definitely not a unique selling point.

Just a cult that works in some weird way.. I personally, use some of the products, FC5 and their Mascara and Primer, but the rest aren't very good. If I find another brand to match the above products - I will happily swap, because when I said to the consultant that signed me up that not everything goes for me - she was really rude and extremely protective over the Arbonne products, stating that they are all 'the best'.. Clearly not, but she made me feel like an *** and I regretted giving her any feedback..

So this is my experience and by the looks of the comments below - it is a cult and crazy that it's allowed by trading standards etc.. Good luck to all anyways :)


This has nothing to do with Arbonne (for or against) but please don't live your life thinking "80% of the products on the market are chemical free." There are literally zero products you can buy in a grocery or department store that are chemical free. Even Burt's Bees is not chemical free.

The only place you will find truly chemical free products is in a Whole Foods, Foods for Living, Better Health, or similar type market. Please do some research on sulphates.


EVERYTHING is a chemical, natural or man made. I've seen all the negative responses from Arbinne people countless times, they are taught them and brainwashed into believing them, they are basically a defense mechanism so the 'employees' have an answer to all legitimate concerns.

There are 1001 other 'network marketing' schemes like arbonne, it's not unique, I just have to look at my Facebook feed to see my friends peddling this ***. And yes I have worked for a similar company and no I didn't leave because I wasn't good at it.