Arbonne has been around for a while. My best friend at the time got sucked into trying to sell it and that was 20 years ago now. Just like other people here describe, she and other consultants are very pushy. She absolutely insisted that my mother and I try it. Being her best friend I agreed to of course. But my face turned bright red like a terrible sunburn and started peeling. People at work would ask me what the heck was wrong with my face! My mother had the same exact reaction. I told my friend what happened and she absolutely insisted that I continue to use it, that the redness and peeling was "normal" and in a couple of weeks it would clear up and I would have beautiful, wonderful skin.

Two weeks later my face was still red and peeling, but had then started becoming painful and having open sores. "That's normal!" She kept insisting like a mad dog. She also dragged me along to a meeting in an effort to recruit me. It was a meeting ran by an older woman dressed in an expensive suit, who clearly thought she was quite fabulous. She basically badgered everybody there, yet not she or any one else said anything about my exploding face.

Suffice to say I stopped using it, and within a few days my skin had improved dramatically. My friend claimed that was the Arbonne working it's magic. So like a complete tool I went back on the Arbonne, and guess what? Yep, my face blew up again. So I stopped it again and my face went back to normal. My friend said that I wasn't using it right.

She continued to push until I had to change my phone number and stop talking to her completely. I also heard later that she had alienated her cousin for the same exact reasons.

It's funny and interesting that some people are soooooooo offended by the negative comments and feel it necessary to defend this product.

It worked for you? Great. It didn't work for you? Bummer. Both are the truth.

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I use and sell the products love it. My mom on the other hand had a bad reaction, it is not for everyone, and it is ignorant to think that it will be great on everyone/that it will be great for all skin types. It either works or it doesn't but right away she should have told you to stop using it.


Well, I love my neighbor however she is extremely pushy, relentless, and has no boundaries whatsoever when it comes to pushing this product. She has zero consideration that I am a working mother of two, a 3 year old and a 7 month old, work over 50 hours a week and wants me to become an Arbonne sales person.

Just two weeks ago she started with another thing, asking me to throw her a gathering and invite my friends for her to sell her products. I don't have time do this for her and I already told her but she is not able to see that. I just want to be her neighbor and be there for her and her family when they need us and visa versa.

They are a great family but this pushy sales tactics and this product Arbonne are now becoming impossible to deal with.


Sorry you had that happen not all people are that way :(

Anyway you Could You Be Allergic to Sulfites! It is a natural healing agent and Arbonne has it in the RE9 Line!

I ask beforeI have people try My sister is and that is how I found out!! Sorry you had that problem...

Arbonne is a great company and some people can be Pushy but that isn't Arbonne's falt ;)

Hope this Helps


I have used Arbonne products on and off the past few years. I never, ever, had a problem.

I use the Age Defying Neck Cream and I feel it works wonders. What a shame you had that expierence.

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