I got the night cream and it was almost gone and was yellow

The day cream was awful. Both made blister on my face and was

red, I had used it for years. Will never again. Should have gotten

my money, the person who sold it to me would never answer my e-mail

like she never knew me. This was arbonne cream, I lost money on it

that I can not afford and my face hurted for days. They do not stand

behind what they sale, my were thought I had found the cream I could use for


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I am also an arbonne consultant and apologize for any consultants who do not do their jobs correctly and misinform people. It gives the rest of us a bad name..The products do not work for everyone...that is why my team gives you the product to try out for three days and if it doesnt work for you then you haven't spent any money...


I Have been using the products for 5 weeks & i def see & feel a difference in my skin, others have asked me what im using as well. i love it sorry to anyone who has a had a bad experience , its expensive but well worth every penny!!!!!


To the person whose Day Creme was watery, there was a lot that came out earlier this year that came out too watery and was sold to some people before it was noticed. If you call Arbonne with the lot number on your bottle they will gladly send you a new Day Creme. It is not normally watery at all.


I have been using Arbonne products for several years, but in the last order I received the day cream is watered down, its terrible and my consultant told me to refrigerate it...which I did and guess what, its exactly the same...terrible. I think something is going on and its fraud. I will look for something new....what a shame


I'm so sorry to hear that you didnt have a great experience. Like Jennifer I am an Arbonne Consultant and I wanted to remind you that you can call Arbonne directly at 1-800-Arbonne to return your product for a refund.

Arbonne offers a 100% refund for 45 days. I wonder if it is the vitamin c in the Re9 reacting with something else you are using?

That said, we are all unique individuals - even though Arbonne is formulated for sensitive skin and we require 0% reaction on our RIPT testing, you should listen to your body. I hope you feel better soon!


I am an Arbonne Consultant and I did have a customer who could not use the Re9 facial items because she was allergic to an ingredient which made her face break out in hives. I gladly refunded her without even a thought...I am sorry that you had a horrible experience but this just may not have been an item for you.

Contact the company themselves if the representative did not want to return your emails. They would gladly refund you the money for these items.

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