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Right Ladies and gentlemen.

Ex beauty therapist and makeup artist here with decent knowledge of skin science... because you know... that's important when you're advising and selling skincare and cosmetics to people.

Fact: If you are an independent consultant claiming that there is bat excrement in every other product but Arbonne, you should not be one.

Fact: If you are an independent consultant claiming that other companies use roadkill, you should not be one.

I'm not sure if other companies do use in their products but if you need to discredit another brand to sell the products then YOU SHOULD NOT BE A CONSULTANT... and you could possibly wind up in court for slander charges.

Fact: Do not tell customers/clients that the products are "self-adjusting" as though these skin care items can be universally applied to everyone's skin. That is rubbish. Everyone might have the same pH level but that's about it. A bit like implying that people with the same hair colour have the same personalities.

PCOS, pregnancy, age, diet, weight, illness (even a simple head cold!), allergies, climate, the list is endless. An endless list of issues that can change the outcome of a product when it's applied. Positive and negative.

Luckily, I've only had one client with a reaction to date but hey, they didn't turn around and call me a liar because I never spouted claims that Arbonne is a miracle product. There's no such thing. But they did get their money back and go on to try and buy something else that does work for them. Which leads me to the next fact....

Fact: Clients/Consultants need to know that just because something is botanically/naturally based, it does not mean the risk of reaction is non-existent.

A lot of Arbonne products contain citrus, just because someone can skull a vodka, lime and soda does not mean that their skin can handle it. Fortunately, that's few and far between but it can and does happen.

Fact: A lot of bad reviews come from clients who clearly have been dealing with misinformed and misguided consultants and then in turn they become misinformed and misguided clients.

Fact: A lot of bad reviews come from consultants who threw all their money into something believing they would end up filthy rich. If that's the headspace you're going in with then you should anticipate serious disappointment. Change your attitude, be logical and rational or don't get involved.

Fact: You're either a good salesperson or you're not. But do yourselves, your friends and family a favour, don't push it on to them and harass them because you'll end up with no friends, disgruntled and annoyed family members and no business. Let them decide on their own. Show them once, leave it at that and let them come back to you if they want to know more/buy more.

Fact: Above all, learn how to strike up a conversation with a stranger about Arbonne without making them feel like you want to suck money out of them. Focus on the social side of it and learn to have a basic understanding of human body language. Learn how to tell when someone is interested in the TOPIC and when they're not. If they're not, shut up, morph yourself back into a HUMAN BEING THAT IS MERELY TALKING TO A FELLOW HUMAN BEING ABOUT SOMETHING OTHER THAN ARBONNE. Not every person is a client and that's ok.

At the end of the day, you are at the mercy of your clients/potential clients. They run your business, without them you don't have one. They are human beings with hearts, souls, feelings and thoughts.... not walking bank accounts.

Fact: Botanically based, yes. Natural ingredients, yes for the most part.

Pure? No. NO. NO. NO. Nothing is pure. The closest you're going to get to pure is growing a plant in the ground but even then it's exposed to whatever is in the soil and whatever is in the air.

Just because it's botanically based, does not mean that it hasn't been stripped back and turn into a chemical. Hence the term Botanically based.

Just because it contains natural ingredients, doesn't mean it can't be classed as a chemical or drug with a chemical or drug reaction... Marijuana ring any bells?

I do tend to agree that all of the above is a giant leap in the right direction for skincare and cosmetics.

Are they better for you? In my opinion, Yes. Anything without mineral oil, parabens, sulfates or ANY petroleum product is better for you.

Why did I get involved? Before I got involved I spent hours trolling the internet for information. I read the bad, the really bad, the good and the really good. I tried the products, I liked them, my skin liked them. I personally have noticed a huge difference using RE9 in particular.

I don't necessarily like what Arbonne as a company and it's IC's represent in terms of recruiting people based on big money, jewelry and a Mercedes.

But that's their incentives and I chose to tune that all out because it's not my thing. Although it is accurate, it does exist, it just takes time to get to that point.

But I do this my way, with absolutely zero ***

I went into this thinking hey, If I make $20 well that's $20 I didn't have before, either way this is going to be FUN.

I don't stand there preaching and telling people they need 12+ products for their faces and bodies because that's not true either.

Take what you like from what I've said, take it with a grain of salt, take it as gospel, all is fine.

But take some ownership for the good and the bad in whatever facet of Arbonne you've CHOSEN to get involved in. Whether you CHOSE to be a client or a consultant.

But to the clients who do come across a rogue consultant and have a negative experience through no fault of their own I can only apologize and ask that you don't tarnish all of us with the same brush.

Consultants... This is not about earning a quick dollar. Take the time to educate yourself.

Peace, Love and all that jazz xxx

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbonne International Beauty Set.

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Realist2014 - Just wanted to say Thank You! My upline is long distance and we work hard to make sure that what we are saying or promoting is compliant.

It hurts everyone when claims are made - in particular the mascara claim - which I actually said at my first presentation, I had gotten it online from a consultant that I did not know personally- and then found out it was not true. I had to call the hostess and guests and apologize because making claims like that not only hurts Arbonne, but your own credibility. Fortunately, I have a great relationship with my upline- we touch base often, and we make sure that what we are saying is true - and, BTW - it IS about selling Arbonne products (not overselling), but it is ALSO about helping others and loving them where they are. I am an Arbonne LIFER!

The truth is, not everyone is going to be able to use Arbonne for various reasons. There are a lot of products out there - that's what makes the world go round!-


This is a great post, thank you for the "no fluff" honesty.

I had concerns about buying and this is why I'm reading reviews, I'm not quite onboard yet but I'm certainly more open minded.


Arbonne consultants also need to be aware of cross contamination at parties!!! I have been a guest at some Arbonne parties and am disgusted watching how make-up samples and other skin care products become contaminated as they are passed around for guests to use without proper sanitizing procedures!

Even though disposable applicators are provided, I see guests double-dipping mascara wands, lipstick applicators, sticking fingers into creams and contaminating them for the next user. Guests are handling the products without washing their hands , sneezing and touching all of the stuff at spa parties and potentially spreading all types of infections to others. The reps either don't know how to make sure these make-up and spa parties are done safely, or they don't bother paying attention and making sure they monitor every application to make sure there is no cross-contamination.

People need to realize they can get staph infections, herpes, rashes, fungal infections and a whole bunch of other infections at these Arbonne parties!

Who knows if the rep really sterilizes all of the tools, brushes, foot bath bins, etc....she brings to each party.

It's sickening to think of all the bacteria and infections guests are sharing with each other at these Arbonne parties. Wonder if the Arbonne rep could be held responsible for medical bills if a guest gets an infection linked to an Arbonne party?


realist2014, I really appreciate your post and comments regarding the products and lack of knowledge of the consultants in being able to answer questions of the customers when they have an issue i.e. allergic reaction etc.

with the product. This explains a lot. I still have to wonder why the company as a whole has only a 2.2 rating out of 5 this still tells me that something bigger is wrong. I am considering working under this company but have some very serious doubts after reviewing the company.

Word of mouth is everything and I am seeing very high negative ratings and complaints as opposed to positive.

Do you have anything you can share regarding their poor ratings??


Wise words. I'm starting out in arbonne and intend to use this piece as my mantra.We seem to share the same ideals.

Good luck in your venture and thank you again for sharing a very concise and insightful blog. Xx


This is the best post I have read as a fairly new Arbonne IC I couldn't have put it better. I have just had to send an email to a dear colleague who absolutely loved the products and was going to sign up as a PC until she read the reviews on line.

Your post helped me to respond to her, thank you.

Would love to connect with you. I'm


Thank you for your honesty. ..god bless you


I am lucky enough to know of 3 Arbonne Consultants who have struck it big educating others about the Arbonne way. I'm so sorry that you (clearly) have not had the same success.

These people all exude professionalism in all they do- for example, they do not post frustrated rants online when the difficult business of direct marketing does not go their way momentarily. Maybe take a leaf out of their book??


I think you missed the point of the post... The reviewer seems to be more frustrated at the amount of bad reviews that are damaging the Arbonne brand.

Somehow you've added 2 + 2 together and got 6?

Thanks for the review Realist2014. Seems you've found an admirable harmony that I think would resonate with many


Sorry I'm a bit confused... at what point was I having a whine about not being successful or imply that it wasn't going my way? Maybe you need to re-read it again (clearly) because I'm not sure how your comment is of any relevance to what I was expressing.

Thanks Pixie, that pretty much sums it up :)


Thanks for that balanced review- I'm thinking of getting involved but have reservations. Especially bring male / I don't think I have the credibility with mostly female products ! James


Hiya James, you're welcome. Maybe this will shine a different perspective on those reservations of yours.

If you decide to get onto the Arbonne bandwagon then believe it or not, your gender gives you a distinct advantage in a very female orientated industry.

Have a quick look at the who's who of the beauty industry across the board of make-up and skin care.

The majority of the front runners are men. There's a number of reasons for that and it's not because of the whole "men are natural leaders" gig but because women are the dominate consumers.

The majority of people love the opinions of the opposite sex when it comes to their image and appearance. It carries more weight and value.

As a reference point, the most prolific make-up artists in the world are men and for good reason. Female make-up artists subconsciously sway towards advising and applying make-up for their clients according to their own tastes and style where as male make-up artists advise and apply make-up for their clients in a way that's more adaptive and changes to suit each face, body and personality.

Quite simply, unless they're applying a full face of make-up to their own face everyday, the way they see the female face is less habitual. Let me know if I've lost you and I'll elaborate more.

As long as you do your research, not just memorize but legitimately work on knowing and understanding what you're talking about then you'll have absolutely no problems with your credibility. Women are interesting creatures, they'll give an inch to an outside female to prove themselves as (for lack of a better word) "worthy" and slowly release more slack but they'll be more generous with that rope in a less critical fashion when it comes to men.

Quite simply, if you can genuinely come across as their new best friend you'll probably be a hit. Just go easy and be real about it :)


Very well put. I agree with all that this lady had to say.

Nothing is perfect, and being a new consultant, I would be honest with the clients. It is better for your skin etc. but not pure.

If you truly believe in the products than being honest and showing by example is best. :)


Kick *** post. Thank you very much!

I think that's about as real as a person can get.

Shame you're not in Ireland as I'd be tempted to try some Arbonne again under your genuine advice. I'd love to get in contact with you?


Hi Lisa, thanks for your comment. If you want to flick me your email I'd love to have a chat to you. Although I don't feel I can offer you much in terms of advice about Arbonne products suited to you because you're not standing in front of me but who knows, I might be able to point you in the right direction at least.


What exactly is the profession 'beauty therapist' which you claim to be? Oh and 'skin sciene' - do you mean dermatology? Wow, a therapist/dematologist selling Arbonne.


Wow... too smart for this and can't spell science.

The poster is Australian, I lived there for 2 years. Beauty Therapists are trained and qualified aestheticians... Not sure what you call the trade in Ontario.

A couple of seconds on google and you probably could have answered your own silly question. If had to guess I'd say he/she is paramedically trained judging by the information.


Hi there,

Lisaloves hit the nail on the head. Google can usually answer basic questions like that.

I don't think you read the post properly though?

I did say Ex Beauty Therapist and Make-up Artist.... as in no longer. I'm in a completely different field now but I Consult Arbonne products on the side because I still love the industry, I just don't particularly enjoy the Salon environment...

It's a bit of a hen house as most female orientated workplaces can be.

Sorry if I've somehow upset you although you didn't really make it very clear as to what your issue is. So, I guess that all there is left to say is thanks for stopping by!


Great post thanks, very helpful.


you're welcome. Thanks for leaving a comment x