I was constantly persued by a Regional VP to join this company. I used the products for over a yr.

and never once was I told by anyone that my skin looked better or different. The products don't work and they are highly overpriced along with products for aging and skin care in Dept. Stores. You can't prevent aging and skin changes.

I lived in Switzerland for 4 yrs and never once heard the company Arbonne mentioned in my social circles.

Wish I never bought $2,000 worth of products and tried to promote these products. No one I know wanted to be a consultant or continue to buy these products

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I was in the same boat... thier products I bought for my skin type did not work.

I can vouch for it.

the Arbonne consultatnts will ALWAYS stand by the products they sell. Even if a customer has complained to them that they don't work.


I became a consultant after I tried the products for 3 months. I love the product and believe in the business opportunity.

I have gotten numerous compliments about my skin and am asked what I do. As many said, in order for you to sell a product you have to believe in it. I'm sorry that you were not successful, but I think that since you didn't believe you portrayed the product negatively to your family and friends and now they weren't given a fair opportunity to try the product.

Though it is expensive, it is no different then department stores. However, I do get a 35% discount on the product that I use and would never get that at other stores.


I am sorry you got suckered into starting your own Arbonne business. I too know how those pushy, rude and self centered those consultants are.

I cannot speak for every one of them but for the crowd of about 15 I saw, it was ridiculous. Dont give up on direct sales, it could really help boost your income. I sell food, LOVE IT !! Plus, everybody eats right?

lol Hope you got out of that crazy pyramid scheme and cut ties with that rep. She obviously didnt care about you or your skills.

At the very minimum she should have trained you to success !! :(


You might want to keep in mind that every single person is genetically different and their skin will respond to products differently. Arbonne may not be for everyone, but for the last 23 years I have used and been impressed with Arbonne's products and company philosphy.

You can NEVER guarantee that a single product will not cause a reaction in ANYONE, which is why Arbonne has a 45 day money-back guarantee. If you don't like it, send it back.


I think it is mean that people have said that you failed as a consultant. These products are over priced yes i have used some and have yet to find one that I'm like OMG this is IT.

With that being said it is hard to sell stuff you don't believe in as previously mentioned some people love the products and some hate it. It is what it is I would love for this stuff to work and i try new things hoping they will but never seems to be better than something else i can get from Sephora or a dept store


You can't sell something you don't believe in. I am sorry this didn't work for you. If you were not seeing a difference you did have an opportunity to return you product and get your money back.

Network marketing is not for everyone, but if you choose to do it you have to love the products you are using to be successful!


I think that being a consultant would be challenging - but there are successful consultants and the product is great. In the past, I had only been invited to Arbonne gatherings where the make up was really promoted - I'm not a make up person so I wasn't overly impressed (I don't use make up so I wouldn't know a good product from a bad one).

However, I was recently invited to a party where the Re9 line (anti-aging skin care)was promoted. I've used the products for only a week and I notice the difference.

Yes, the products are expensive...and one may argue overpriced...however, it's not like Arbonne doesn't offer special discounts - I got everything for half price! I am glad that I was talked into purchasing the products; I am worth the investment :)


I disagree - I have used the product and in just two weeks notice my fine lines disappear and it smells wonderful - also I have gotten compliments by many people even strangers. I am not a sales rep - I am a nurse and have nothing to gain by this - only that I love Arbonne - tried Aveda products that are just as expensive and they did not work on my skin at all. Also Arbonne has vitamin C in it - it is awesome for your skin - you can smell the citrus whe you use it!


You are only responsible for yourself, you give what you get and get what you give. So if you were not happy with the products why did you keep buying them?


I am an Arbonne consultant and I use the products. I often hv friends and family asking me what my "secret" is to looking much younger than my age.

I love sharing my "secret" with them. It is time the rest of the country learns this "secret"!!


Maybe you did not work your business? We have tons of women in my upline that are making great money and loving the products!

I have so many people who consistantly order from me and adore the products. I think you have to be upset with yourself for letting your business fail!


i only use the products and dont sell them... however, they do work tremendously well.

You should only be mad at yourself for not being able to make your business grow... several of my friends sell the products and make alot of money doing so.

They work very hard though. Sounds as like your expectations of get rich quick failed.

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