If you check the contents of the cosmetics, they all contain parabans which have been proven unsafe. My local cancer center is giving this out to cancer patients which I was just made aware of.

I will be informing them of the poisons in Arbonne products. There are other products on the market that are more consumer friendly, vegan and do not contain any parabans. Vitamin e and citric acid are natural preservatives as are the parabans. The parabans are cheaper.

That's why they are used and not the more expensive healthy products as preservatives. I think it is false advertisement with the "Vegan" claim and very misleading to consumers.

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Michigan Center, Michigan, United States #773864

I believe you. I Love Perfectly Posh!

Its ALL natural products only have a shelf life of a year! anything past that defiantly has preservatives and other yucky stuff.

The truth is on the label.

Check out perfectly Posh if you want real natural products. :grin


Read the ingredients list for each product on the Arbonne website and you'll find long, unhealthy lists. It is easy to be vegan when the ingredients are synthetic chemicals! Read "No More Dirty Looks" and you'll learn about better products and ways to have healthy skin without chemicals.

Saint Petersburg, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation #385341

Unfortunetly we did have Parabens st first which was a huge Issue but after much conccers and adopting Peter Matravers to our wonderful team, Arbonne has reformulated the products as stated above by others who use as well as sell the products. Any one would be happy to show you a list of old vs our revitalized AMAZING products


Yes, they have discontinued all of those products but the self tanner, which is next. There rolling with the punches and are being smart. There almost completely outlawed.


they are paraban free, shows what you know!


The writer of this comment has not done her homework. Shame on you!


I just checked the Arbonne website and these were the only products that had parabens:\ Arbonne Bio-Nutria® Fitness Herbal Muscle Massage Gel

- Arbonne Bio-Nutria® Remedy Herbal Lip Ointment

- Arbonne Bio-Nutria® Remedy Herbal Vapor Rub

- BefoRE Sun Made in the Shade, Self Tanner, SPF 15

- Figure 8 Vanishâ„¢ Contouring Cellulite Cream


It's not false advertising, they are vegan. That does not mean anything other than that. But as the previous post mentions all of the formulations for cosmetics have changed and no long contain parabens.


Some of the old cosmetic line did have a very small amount of parabens used as a preservative in them.

Our brand new cosmetic line just released this month does not contain any Parabens and further to this - NONE of our products contain any parabens anymore. This is due to a company doing their research and when parabens came into the news as no longer safe, they have reformulated their products!

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