I have been a consultant for a year in July. Have a made a 4 digit figure yet, no I have not. Why? Because I have not been working my Business! Do I believe Arbonne is a successful decision? Yes I do! I was personally not ready to work my business and the best thing is Arbonne has been patient, my team has been patient they have waited till I have been ready and I am now. The second I was ready and the second I worked hard, it was in that moment that I saw results for my effort.

My key word there BUSINESS! Business is not easy, if you were to go and start a clothing store or a bakery you would not find your job easy and thats the thing. People can not expect to sign up for this and hope that you will be making a 6 digit figure by doing nothing, you may as well click on one of those pop ups with the seedy guy telling you can pop out a baby and sit at home watching the tv whilst your account grows.. Seriously, that my friends is a recipe for disaster.

What I can tell you though, is that Arbonne is SIMPLE. You don't need to worry about paying your staff, you dont need to worry about paying rent at your shop, you dont have to wake up at 5am and work to 7pm to get yourself going. You can do this with your kids, you can start your Arbonne business when you still work your full time job BUT you have to be willing to put in effort, just like any other thing you do in your life where you want to see results. Are you going to regret it? Well no I don't think you will. I see bad reviews about Arbonne everyday on the internet and yes they far out weigh the good ones but really, come on.. who comes on here to right a good one? Me haha.

For your Arbonne business to be successful you do need to work your back side off sometimes and if someone is trying to convince you that you will never have to do that, well they either have the wrong info or they are not the right upline for you. This company showers you in gifts if you work hard. Arbonne are your distributors, yet you don't have to buy their products in before you sell them (like a bakery), your upline is the one to go to for answers. That is what Arbonne is all about! We have training facilities, we have the source, we have our team and you go to these options to find your answers! With Arbonne recently starting in a new country, opening a new website and starting a new range of products you cannot expect them to be there to answer thousands of peoples questions. That is just common sense!

I truly believe that it is all in the up line you have, Arbonne is amazing but they let ordinary people into their company everyday to sell their products with the hope that these people will become extraordinary and just like anything else, there are always going to be a few who wont and thats why we get hundreds of bad reviews. If you were to start a clothing business, you would look into the best location to open a store, you would look into the kind of clothes to sell, you would research! All I ask is, if you want to do this business and you want to do it right, look at your up line and ask yourself do I trust this person to help me when I need help? Is this person going to drive me at times when I need it?

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He sounds like an effin nutter if you ask me lol

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