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I have just signed on with Arbonne I have tried some of their products, some I like and some I don't. I didn't get into it to start a pyramid.

I was in skin care specialist for 15 yrs. I never sell anything that I don't believe in. I am still testing Arbonne's line. Thing I don't like is they get you all pumped up on building a network and nothing about the product.

I know how to use skin care products but you have to know the product. Touch it feel it smell it and KNOW how to use it and sell the RIGHT product for the type of skin they have or else it's all a guessing game and a wast of time and money. If you know nothing about the product then your just selling the network , they need to have classes on their product too, as much as they do there hype network. I'm going to keep studying the product until I know what's what, and yes it's going to cost me, since they don't have samples, but if the product line is all they say it is, I can sell it with no problem.

You have to know what your selling or you won't have repeated customers! Or is it all just about network fist and product later? Arbonne if your reading this, get sample lines so that we can let the consumer try it first before they spend the high dollar price. Maybe then you won't have so many pissed off ladies.

I don't believe in passing on a product for a person to us then giving it to another! That's a good way to pass on diseases.

I made my first million at the age of 24, I know how to sell and push a product if it works. I won't sell anything that doesn't, there again you have to know what your pushing to your customer, or else it's all bull!

Review about: Arbonne International Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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It sounds like you only went to a "Discover Arbonne" meeting. Before you started you should have been introduced to the products by taking part in a class, presentation, or spa party.

During these you get to try many of the products Arbonne has to offer. If your upline didn't do any of these, talk to their sponsor. I am able to get a hold of my upline all the way to the Executive National Vice President or at least a response within an hour or two. I'm sorry that you had a bad experience but to blame the company as a whole is B.S.

My upline teaches us all about the products and about sponsoring others by doing presentations for you the first couple of parties. You don't have to buy the products up front but rather borrow theirs until you have earned the products by having a couple of business launching parties. There's so many other ways of learning how to run your parties and one on ones online especially if your sponsor is clearly in it for the wrong reasons or just greedy. I do hope that you are able to find a legitimate upline that will teach you what you need to do to get to the top.

Arbonne does offer samples to purchase to share with others under business tools on the website. Best of Luck to you.

to A #647360


To blame the Company is NOT BS. They have received complaints about this unethical behavior and have done absolutely nothing to stop it. So before you respond with your BS do some research!!!!!

Austin, Texas, United States #632765

Yes you can get information you can get information for anything these days. I'm just not into giving my money away on a product that you have to buy without first sampling.

Unless you want to just believe what you read good for you. That makes you part of the sheep Hurd Read and believe without question!!!

Newmarket, Ontario, Canada #625658

What kind of entrepreneur relies solely on other people's teaching? The Arbonne product line is not unlike any other product line...some work, some don't. They do however, have a unique blend which they market.

I don't sell Arbonne, but I can't understand how you can fault the company for not giving you training, when clearly you have the ability to research on your own. Especially to the extent of going on a "Pissed Consumer" website and rant about it and possibly persuade others from their program.

Ever thought it was the person teaching you about the business or putting on the "fake" meeting that perhaps didn't do a good job? No...geez it must be this sh*tty company...also must be a scam. (Rolling eyes)

to tibz1314 #625934

The company is in the red. Give your head a shake.

In T.O it is all about the 2500 buy in pyramid scheme. That is truth

Arbonne is going down

to tibz1314 Toronto, Ontario, Canada #632826

Here is the truth. ARbonne is in the red.

They have MIllions of debt. The product is behind in technology. That is why you have consultants lying at shows saying they are organic. They aren't.

The product is ok but there are so many others that are further ahead in the anti-aging. Scam, no, just another MLM that has debt. They are a bit better now then they were back in 2010 with 850 million hanging over their heads. Meetings, yes they are fake.

It is too over the top in Toronto. I went to one where Amy Sky is singing and it's like-ok at least she is making more in Arbonne then she did in the music industry. She needed a Plan B. Good for her and all her actors in her downline.

Yes, they are all actors. I'm one of these friend of a friend. So a few make it and the rest are too busy in the real acting industry to be part of it. They are nice but hey, it works for them.

I just couldn't do the biz. I bought a couple of things but the vision wasn't there. Probably because my husband is a lawyer and did all his research on ARbonne. Too many of his assoicates said don't touch it.

They know the financial story from the inside. Just saying............

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #624209

Dont know why the only way to comment is to be anonymous or pissed. I am neither.

Anyone can get information on the productline! Go on the website, try it for yourself. You know, in any business, as owner, you do have certain responsabilities. Yes sometimes the meetings can be a bit rah-rah, but they are giving an overview of the enitre package, the company and its directors, the paroducts and what makes them unique, and the team building approach.

Once you become a consultant, it is your sponsor's job, to teach you how to sell, how to build a team and keep your retail customers happy.You can choose which side of your business to grow.

You can do the legwork and the homework. If you have a real job, I hope you dont expect that organisation to provide you with everything.

By the way, 20 years in the beauty industry, and these are the best products I have ever used!

to Walter Young Don Mills, Ontario, Canada #624395

I tried them and wasn't too impressed. The re9 cleanser was very drying

Only the serum was ok

Not the best in the industry

Hated the fake meeting. So over the top.

to Talia #624451

Talia, I'm so gad you didn't fall for all that BS!!! Good for you.

to Walter Young #632770

You are brain washed!!! 20 years and this is the best you can do?

You must be pushing the product I'm not putting Arbonne down. I just believe they should have as many training classes as they do the rah-rah as you call it. If it is such a good product.

Cheapie Avon gives free samples.

to Walter Young #633659

how can your team member help you when the team member barely knows whats going on too not only does she not know but the one that is over the team doesnt know either and on top of that sells other products and pushes them more than Arbonne what does that tell you

to Anonymous #633766

Who are you talking about Anonymous???


If you made your 1st million at 24 then run away from Arbonne. Why wouldn't you have expertise elsewhere. Good luck whoever you are.

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