My friend and I joined Arbonne, I joined because I liked the product and wanted the discount, I only purchased what I wanted to use for myself, my family or for gifts. My upline did try to make me buy more products, but I was just not interested in keeping stock. My girlfriend on the other hand is a shopaholic, so you didnt have to convince her too much to buy products. I feel bad for her cuz she did buy a lot. I personally did better than her though in sales because I do not personalize anything, sales is sales to me. to make a long story short, I left Arbonne, simply because I found another business opportunity that was a little easier for me with the opportunity to make a higher commission and more money for the same commission or discount. The price points were higher, so home parties would average about $1000 in sales. Anyway, good luck.




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So you joined another company, bad mouth Arbonne and then put a link to your new company. Humm

Newport Beach, California, United States #891649

OMG I just looked at your website. Who has at minimum, $320+ for a no name, faux leather purse?

Sorry, but that's way out of my price point.


I'm sort of in the same situation as you were. Do you mind if I ask what other opportunity you came across that made you leave?

to anonymous #882182

A REAL job.

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