I went to my first Arbonne party in Mid October, I ordered about a few things (I wasn't really interested in the product in the first place, but thought I should at least give it a try). It took 20 days for my order to be proceed, and it NEVER got shipped to my house!

I called Arbonne, they told me to call UPS because it wasn't their problem, I then called UPS and they told me to call Arbonne because I wasn't the account holder.

I then called Arbonne again and they told me that there was nothing they could do. Now I have no product and they want refund my money!!!

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If they can't control their consultants, then that is a reflection of the company and the failure of their business model.


Unfortunately, it looks like you have run into a consultant who is unprofessional. Consultants are independent and can act rightly or wrongly, depending on the person.

Although it seems to reflect on Arbonne as a company, they do not control the consultants. Contact the person who had the party and find out who the consultant was, and make them do the right thing.

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