I had the worst consultant who wouldn't give us all the deals advertised in our pamphlet for hosting a party. She texted me and blamed me for all the hassle she went thru, I called her and it ended in a screaming war.

I love the product but I suggest that you do it online, NOT thru a consultant. I was disgusted by the way I was treated.

And am not sure if I will ever continue buying this product.. Obviously she doesn't care about her business cause I told her I would not be ordering thru her anymore and she said she thinks it's best.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada #625569

I am so sorry that you had that experience. you should definitely email Arbonne with that consulatnts because that is not the reputation we want to give.

The products are amazing!

I would love to help you out. you can find my website online @ www.siobhan.myarbonne.ca - Please email me through the site and I would love to offer you a 35% discount for your difficulties.

to ***cerned ***sultant #625938

They never email you back. It is so bad at corporate. All the staff quit and tell you before they go

I called last week and the person Sasha said it is so bad with customer service

Richmond, New South Wales, Australia #604727

Why don't you just sign up and get your own deals as a consultant. You will get what you want.

Order 300 dollars worth of stuff and get your 120 for 24 dollars. It will be the same thing.

Just pay your initial feel. That way you can just order.


Believe me you are better off without Arbonne in your life! That consultant did you. Big favour.

to Anonymous #622745

You do not know what you are talking about. This is one of the best company's out there.Have been using these products for years and are the best I have ever used.all consultants I've been dealing with we're awesome.Very concerned about my well being.They have always treated me like a Queen.

to Speedy #622751

Well then you might be the first. Congratulations on being scammed. Lol.

to Anonymous Newmarket, Ontario, Canada #625663

I love how all of the negative posters use anonymous posts...Makes me really want to stand behind you lol...

Arbonne is a good business that requires hard work and dedication. If you had a bad experience with a consultant, I'd suggest talking to the company directly. Just like asking for a manager at a retail store.

to Speedy #622904

Unless you are really in denial, you sound bad at trying to convince. There is no quality control on service.

Glad that you are treated like a queen.

Maybe you live in the country. Go to the big cities and you will see how desperate the behaviour of these consultants are.

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